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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On The Horizon: Amazing Spiderman

First, we had First-Person shooters. Now, we're gonna have First-Person Arachnid.

Awesome. That's despite the fact that I have arachnophobia. Anything with more than 6 legs is an abomination to me, but that's just my own irrational fear that doesn't carry any insult to the creations and handiwork of almighty God (though my arachnophobia is reasonably justifiable, considering it evolved because of an incident between the past toddler me who couldn't keep his hands to himself, a big kampong spider and an injection all toddlers would find painful). Man will always be the scariest creatures anyway. Well, they won't appear so bad when it comes to the female variety with long slender killer legs.

Spidey has always been my favourite super hero. While the rest never speak more than 8 words everytime they talk, Spidey gets all the long-winded witty lines. Heroes shouldn't be as himbotically dumb as Rambo in the first place who couldn't even mumble coherently, much less talk.

Can't wait for this one, since the Tobey Maguire version turned out to be like a web-spinning Rambo movie. And I can't stand Tobey's hairstyle in the movie which everybody's grandfather had when they still had hair, ugh.. well, except for the one he was sporting during the period when he was the bad Spidey with the black costume.

Bring back the wit & the better hair, Hollywood. I have both my eyes on 8 of yours.

- De Lion Speaks

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