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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rocky Mastering While Waiting For The Bus

See the bus stop there just past the table and the chair? That's the bus stop just outside Delfi Orchard. I've just finished work here in town and was waiting for the bus at the bus stop when it dawned on me (again) that whoever the genius is who is in charge of the deployment of buses here didn't plan for double-decker buses during peak hours. 2 single decks already came and gone and they were all sardine cans.

So yeah, it's an unfortunate thing too that our gatekeepers think we have an infrastructure that can accommodate an infinite influx of people. Double-Whammy. Hear that awful creaking sound? That's the sound of our infrastructure bursting at the seams while our trains are breaking down too often for comfort.

Our grievances, their Kaching$.

GDP growth has become a double-edged sword with the sharp edge pointing at us peasants on the ground. Heh, did I just use the word 'ground'? Might as well, since the other world here is in ivory towers high up in the clouds.

Things were so different and better here during the early 90's and even the 80's, besides the Break-dancing phenomenon. Now? You can hardly breathe through the crowd and personal space is going extinct, or has it already? Promised Swiss standard of living? It's more like Swiss cheese and it's leaving a bad taste in the mouth. I'll resist the urge to spit here. Regardless, there's no way I'm gonna stand inside a crowded moving bus because it's a long ride back to home from here and I'm tired. I just wanna sit down, nap a little while listening to music.

The only good thing that made me happy today was that Lindy the Pharmacist and her staffs at Nishino praised me for my dressing. Again.

Just so happens that there's a Rocky Master cafe just behind the bus stop where I can monitor the estimated arrival timings of the buses from this digital board at the bus stop if I take the corner seat outside (the first photo up top is the perspective from said corner seat).

So in the name of rationality, I figured I might as well have a beer at Rocky Master where I can monitor the arrival timings as well as all the incoming buses where I can see them coming from up ahead the road from where I am now seated. Looks like I've just turned a dreary activity sweating it out at the bus stop to a quite enjoyable one, but I know I'll be getting home late though. That's one price to pay for refusing to ride home in a sardine can caused by overpopulation that has done more harm than good.

A mug of beer was the only thing on my mind when I walked into Rocky Master but when the staff manning the counter told me I can only pay with my credit card for purchases with a minimum of 20 bucks, another staff who was mopping the floor recommended me some small bites to go along so that I can hit the required 20 bucks (there's no ATM machine here in this building and I happen to be short of cash with an appetite for some beer to drown my crowded buses sorrow). So I chose this small little pizza and there you go; an order just past 21 bucks.

The pizza turned out to be quite yummy, I'm glad to say. Well, something tells me that I might do this all over again whenever I finish work in this part of town henceforth.

So the next time you find yourself in a dreary situation like mine, look around you for things that can keep you entertained. There's gotta be something, like beer and mobile blogging that discusses about overloaded buses, sociopolitical follies, beer and mobile blogging, for example, unless you happen to be waiting for a bus in Siberia, if they have buses there at all.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a bottle of good old Heineken to finish and a bus to catch. Oh, and in the name of all that's living and breathing and for goodness' sake, can somebody please close the gate that's been opened too damned wide already?

- De Lion Speaks

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