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Monday, May 7, 2012

Facebook Got Hacked & Between You & Me

Lots of Facebook accounts are getting hacked & hijacked lately and the victims won't even realize it, they say. Just in case it should happen to me, remember that it isn't me if:
  1. You see 'me' posting insults on your wall. I don't insult friends. Even if you are in my friend's list and I don't know you personally, I won't insult you unless you are a dictator of some impoverished state, a Nazi, a Decepticon, a racist, flat beer, or Kim Jong-un.

  2. If your news feed tells you that I've just watched some p0rn video, it isn't me. Everybody does that in secret and it's stupid to announce it. I know you do too, but hey.

  3. If the posting is not even remotely funny, it isn't me. If it tries to be funny but fails miserably, it's me alright.Now you know. Good, I've killed enough time & boredom while waiting for my brunch & dinner all rolled into one. Time to eat.

    - De Lion Speaks

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