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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mobile HTML On The Go

Do you have your own website or do you blog with an iron grip of dictatorship because you are a control freak who decides what goes where & what does what, right down to the very last pixel of your site? You with me?

Admit it, you sometimes do catch yourself forgetting the proper formats or commands of certain HTML tags. No one should be blamed for that since there are so many commands and the storage space inside our heads can sometimes get fragmented with too many red sections, ala Windoze.

Once upon a time, I used to lug around books & tomes about HTML from the library when I was teaching myself the art of website building. Books about HTML are usually bulky & they can be heavy, depending on how big a chunk of knowledge they throw at you.

Now? Forget the weight & the hassle, have everything stored in your iPhone at no extra weight other than the weight of your phone. Mine's been on constant diet & goes around naked without a casing & weighs like a feather, much to my delight.

If only smart phones & apps like this one existed during my time, knowledge would have been so much more easily attained & girlfriends would have been wooed at a much faster rate. I had a deprived childhood, I'm telling you.

There's also the app about JavaScript & another one about HTML 5 for additional knowledge that ought to satisfy the more hardcore control freaks who wanna do more. And why shouldn't you?

Forget the cumbersome books, Bruce Lee said that one should do away with unnecessary fluff & get straight down to the core of things that truly matter.

Something like that. That's the reason why he could kick with such breakneck speed & subdue his opponents so damn fast, while still having the time to scream those awesome victory yells.

- De Lion Speaks

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