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Sunday, June 24, 2012

MeRadio For Android

So she asked me why I downloaded the MeRadio app to my phone when it already has a FM receiver. That's because when I'm at home & connected to my WiFi network, the app allows me to forgo plugging in the earpiece that functions as the radio antenna.

Sure, there's the computer audio system in my study room that's capable of rocking the house, but there are times when I just wanna lie down in bed in the master bedroom, close the door and blast the airconditioner, which shuts out whatever's blasting from the audio system.

So during such moments when I still wanna listen to the radio, my handphone comes into play. Oh, and there are also those times when I just don't feel like turning on the PC and wait for Windoze to boot up while I twiddle my thumbs while having to think about how long I have to twiddle them.

It's a pleasant surprise coming across this app at the Play Store following the thought that the Android market probably didn't see the need for it.

And it's a pleasant thing to know that you can move & dance around the house without the risk of tripping over your own earpiece.

The free app works without a hitch.

- De Lion Speaks

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