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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Droided iPhone? Come again?

Bad news, guys (or good news depending on whether your cup is half-empty or half-filled). Samsung just bought over Apple and I got myself this new Samsung iPhone, HuZzAH!!

But of course, you know I was just pulling your leg there. This is the works of iLauncher which transforms your Droid into one with an iOS interface, right down to the icons jiggle dance in edit mode.

Android functionalities are still there of course, giving you the chance to experience how iOS should have been designed right off the bat. For a humorous touch, this launcher simulates some of the limitations of iOS (no widgets, for example). But despite this, suffice it to say that things still function even better than a jailbroken iPhone. Tsk. For example, core Android functionalities like the ability to rename icons and download anything are still intact.

No worries, flicking some switches here & there allows you to change back to your selected Droid interface & vice-versa instantaneously.

Think I'm gonna play with that Windoze 7 phone launcher next.

-De Lion Speaks

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