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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yes, People Do Leave Facebook. What Heresy?

The following is a pic. Pics are supposed to speak for themselves:

Don't get me wrong, Facebook is not completely a bad thing but trouble is, it mostly is, at least for me. Anyway, I had to explain several times already that I didn't unfriend anyone, I've just deactivated my Facebook account for almost a month already, I think. I can't be arsed to keep track of how long I've been away.

The only reason I'll ever go back to Facebook and reactivate my account (if I ever do) is if I need to contact someone on my Facebook friends list (especially my customers) because of urgent matters and I do not happen to have his or her contact number and email. I hope I never have to but if I really have no choice and have to, I'll deactivate my account again once I'm done communicating.

Gee, I'm making myself sound like a Hit-&-Run guy but every individual can only stand terror for so long and each of us have a finite threshold for pain, yes?

Nope, Facebook doesn't allow you to delete your account permanently, in case you didn't know already. All of your base and every bit of information you've ever posted about yourself belong to them. Legally. You did read the clauses and fineprints, right?

-De Lion Speaks

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