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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

John McLaughlin on My Twitter

Fired up my Twitter today as I always do, since I have things to bitch inform the world out there about on almost a daily basis, not just on Twitter but on Google+ as well. I just like to express my thoughts and feelings, I find it therapeutic for the soul. Facebook? Heh, Facebook is passé in my book.

Almost all of my friends are still on Facebook though, and I only have a very small circle of friends and followers on Twitter and an even smaller one on Google+. Either that's due to the Scorpio philosophy of Quality over Quantity or some higher divine power is seeing to it that I can only torture a minimal number of people with my ramblings. Oh, and there's Sturgeon's Law too.

Now where was I? Oh yes, Twitter. So I went to the Follower Requests section of my Twitter and saw that John McLaughlin has requested to follow me and of course, I approved his request immediately without hesitation after reading his tweets just to make sure:

Oh my gosh, it should have been the other way around: I should have been the one who humbly requested for Mr McLaughlin to allow me to follow him first instead. As you should be able to tell, I feel really honoured because in the guitar world, Mr McLaughlin is a guitar god. Not only can the man really shred on an electric guitar..

..he can really shred on an acoustic guitar too:

Oh my gosh. You know what? As I acknowledged his Twitter follow request and immediately followed him back, I experienced the irresistible urge to go pick up my guitar and practice but I had to fight that since it was still the working hour. Darn >:(

And later in the day, I received another Twitter request from 'Santana' but looking at the tweets, I've concluded that the person requesting to follow me must be a fan of Santana instead of the real Carlos Santana himself, who is another world famous guitarist. Since the tweets of this person are decent enough and they make enough sense and are not nonsensically frivolous (traumatic phobia induced by Facebook which the medical and psychological fields should officially and formally acknowledge), I accepted his or her follower request:

Nevermind the meagre 9 tweets, this person could just be a man or lady of few words. That sure beats being nonsensically frivolous.

I really can't help but wonder how Mr McLaughlin came across me. I'm hoping that he found me on my Youtube channel which links to my blog which links to my Twitter. If that wasn't the case, I hope he found me on my blog which links to my YouTube channel and which also links to my Twitter. I'm suddenly feeling dizzy.

What I'm trying to say here is that I hope he saw my guitar playing videos and liked them.

I've also received email that a few folks I don't know personally have subscribed to my YouTube channel recently. I'm just a nobody on YouTube and I wasn't really expecting anyone to watch my videos, since I upload them for fun and treat my channel as a place to store some memories, just like this blog site.

So you can imagine my pleasant surprise when l receive comments for some of my videos and it makes me really glad when folks tell me nice things about my guitar playing videos. It got me stumped, actually. I really should work harder and upload more videos, since even if just a handful of people let me know that they find my vids to be enjoyable (either that or they could actually be masochistic), it motivates me everytime to play better and improve myself as a guitar player.

The icing on the cake for my YouTube channel is that Mr Joe Bonamassa, another guitar god, subscribed to my YouTube channel months ago. I can still remember how unreal that was to me to the point that it took quite a bit of time for my mind to comprehend the reality of it all.

So yeah, it's been quite a day filled with lots of motivation and I'm grateful for it.

PS: And by the way:

Yup, it's the 12th of December, 2012. Nah, I don't believe the world's gonna end on the 21st. The Mayans probably ran out of parchment or ink or something. Either that or the Spaniards exterminated the Mayans before their head oracle came back from his year-end holiday.

"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only."
- Matthew 24:36

-De Lion Speaks

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