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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

People Move On

Luke has been our Senior Product Manager in our company for over 7 years, around coming to 2 years longer than I've been with the company and today is his final day of empIoyment with us before he hops over immediately tomorrow to his new career adventure.

I've already seen 2 managers for my small department that I reported directly to leave (the first one was actually a Sales Supervisor but his duties were more like an assistant manager's) and I wish I could have blogged about them. Too bad I started using Blogspot only after they have already left and my previous blog contents with another blogging site got wiped clean from the face of the earth.

I mentioned just now that my department is small. In reality, it's so small that it consists of just me and my one manager with an overseer that lets us run the bulk of the operations most of the time. The overseer (which used to be our very senior GM but now, our very own Managing Director took over the helm) only steps in whenever very major decisions need to be made or whenever anything pertaining to my department needs to be authorized by a bigger gun. My MD is a very busy man, which was why he hired us to run the bulk of the mill and I happen to be the grunt doing all the leg work.

Luke has been my colleague for coming to 6 years already, which is the duration of my employment with our company thus far, so Luke is my senior colleague. He started as a GP sales rep and worked his way up to his current position. There was once years ago when he tendered his resignation but our MD offered him bonded sponsorship for studies and Luke accepted that and stayed. Well, he has just finished his bond and became a free man again. What he told us during his farewell lunch a few days ago is still ringing in my ears: "People come and go and people move on."

It's the end of the work day after our office birthday celebration which involved me since my birthday was a few days ago. While walking to my colleague Jess's car to hitch a ride from her back to the wild wild west where you can find lions, I whipped out my phone and took the following photo of Luke as he took a break conversing with Jacelyn and Lily to pose for me. I wanted it candid but they caught me in the act:

Something tells me that that was the last time I'll ever take a photo of Luke. We've been overseas together on company sales incentive trips and the memories of our trips, especially at Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto always bring a smile to my face. Good times. If our Sales & Marketing teams should go for another overseas trip again, I'll miss Luke's presence.

No human relationship can be 100% perfect and Luke has pissed me off on several occasions on work-related issues but who's to say he has never felt the same towards me as well. It doesn't matter anymore now that he's leaving and whatever unpleasantries are behind us now. There is no longer any point holding on to foot-stepped imprints on our work shoes any more.

*Wipe Wipe*

Besides, I hear that harbouring negativity for too long might beget fatal cancer, no? So we'll forget the bad, hang on to the good and move forward.

Luke, you are a great and intelligent guy overall and I sincerely wish you all the best, brother. Keep your wits about you as you always do, I'm confident you are gonna build a better life for yourself out there. God bless, bro.

-De Lion Speaks

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