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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Andy In The House

So my Lioness came home when I just woke up and lazing around in bed. She strutted straight into the master bedroom where I was waiting for the stars in my vision to dispel themselves and she showed me Andy, the Android robot mascot still wrapped in the box. It took me a second to register the thing she was holding in her hands in front of me while wearing a grin on her face.

Well, she knew l wanted to get a keychain-sized Andy mascot from Jurong Point but when we were there like last month or so, they ran out of the green Andy and l wanted the green one first since that's Andy's original colour, haha. So she found this one depicted in the pic here but it sure isn't keychain-sized. In fact, it's actually a portable coffee table-sized lamp - charge it up like a mobile phone and it retains the charge and you can move it around anywhere you want, no pesky cables involved. Yippee.

Just pull its head upwards and press the button inside and Andy lights your way. Easy.

Thanks, babe :)

-De Lion Speaks

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