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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Like Running Scared? Get Into The Dead

It's been awhile. Time to play with dead things again.. this time by running away from them. Oh, if you get lucky, you'll have the chance to put them down for good by pumping lead into their lifeless, albeit reanimated bodies too. One doesn't have to feel guilty about putting zombies down, since they just need to die all over again.

Gotta save what remains of humanity during a zombie apocalypse and all that, right? So you start off by making sure you stay alive and remain on both feet. In this case, you gotta constantly keep one foot in front of the other.

Well, I'm talking about this new Android game 'Into The Dead'. To be more factual, it's not exactly new as in 'Just released to the world' kind of new, since the game already existed for iOS devices for some time already. Better late than never and better off dead & playable than dead and left wanting, me think.

You can get the game here and read more about it on this article by Android Police.

Just keep running and stay alive.

-De Lion Speaks

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