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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Last Working Day

So this is it, today is my final working day with my company before I start clearing my annual leaves all the way. My official final day of employment is the 17th of March and I'm actually left with more annual leaves than days of employment left, which the company will compensate me with monetary payment.

Michelle from HR tells me I can opt to either be given a cheque on the spot or have the money banked into my account some time around the 28th. I opt for the bank-in which seems more secure and convenient for me but when she tells me after some hesitation and biting of words that it is actually more hassle-free for her to issue me a cheque, I begin to change my mind and tell her to go ahead and issue me the cheque instead. I don't wish to make things difficult for her since she's always been helpful.

I've planned to go for a month's break after today to re-energize myself and get my off-work life back in order (like updating this blog site and clearing the backlog blog entries I owe myself here, as well as restringing my guitars I've been putting off for some time already, can you believe that?). Gosh, I really need the rest and get my shit together again. One of the precious lessons I've learned is that if you don't get your personal life in order, it's gonna spill over and affect your working life. Since I have a mind to change jobs, I'll have to take the down time to straighten my personal life matters back into shape.

So here I am at the office clearing my cabinet and going around bidding farewells and snapping photos of the premise and my colleagues for the memories, since I know I'm gonna miss this place and the good people after I'm gone:

Jason's farewell gift for me
My manager Jason has typed out a really nice testimonial for me of which I'm thankful for for his kind gesture. He then hands me a farewell gift he has personally bought for me and wishes me all the best for my future endeavors. He tells me he will be happy to be my referral for any potential employer on my behalf.

Thank you Jason, God bless you and your loved ones too. An average person would have cracked down the middle many times over under all the stress and pressure you've been going through but you've been holding your ground and keeping it all together all these while. I'm honestly astounded by your strength.

Those of us in the Sales division have our official reporting-in days on Mondays and Thursdays but Jason has asked everyone to come in today instead of tomorrow. That's nice of him. It's a pity that l can't see Jess on my last working day though, since she's gone on a few days of leave for some matters.

Fact is, l was supposed to already have started clearing my remaining annual leaves all the way from some time last week but Jason asked me if l could extend my working days till today in order to give further guidance to Queenie in the field, of which l have no problems with, so l gladly obliged. Speaking of which, even though I'm happy to let Queenie tag along with me in the field these past few days, part of me still wish that l could have spent my last remaining working days alone with my customers instead, since there could probably be things or issues that some of them wished to confide with me in private.
Between myself and those of my customers that are close to me, we do share secrets. l suppose it's still ok since they have my number and my ears are open to them any time, any day. Even so, my dear Pharmacists customers are the hardest factor for me to let go of this job of. They are wonderful folks. Dear reader, when you go visit the Pharmacists, please treat them kindly. You have my gratitude for that.

My official last day of employment with the company is the 17th of this month and like I've mentioned, I'll be clearing my leaves from tomorrow onwards till then. I'll be taking a month's break and use the time to get my personal life back in shape while I catch my breath.

Well, l suppose I've reached the end of the line here and it's time to seek a new adventure for myself. All these years I've spent with the company will remain as fond memories with me, since this has been the best job I've ever had thus far and l consider myself fortunate and blessed that l'm able to say such a thing.

Had to swallow that lump in my throat though.

-De Lion Speaks

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