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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Galaxy Note 3

Are you curious about the Galaxy Note 3, dear reader? If you are, then chances are that you've already watched the recent Samsung Unpacked Event in Berlin which unveiled the device in all its glory.

But just in case some of you haven't:

Of course, it's still too early for a comprehensive head-to-head PK session between the Note 2 and the new Note 3. But with every day that passes by since the Unpacked Event, we get closer and closer to the Note deathmatch arena. Here's a recent article that gives an early comparison (just don't let the couple of typos and that '$299' in the article do the mind-mess on you).

Done reading the article? And who doesn't like videos, yes? So here's a hands-on video treat of the Galaxy Note 3:

Some folks are lucky enough to get their mitts on the new toy already, the lucky bastards.

For me, I really dig the new faux-Ieather design, the boxier overall look and thank goodness that the 16gb internal storage is done away with on the Note 3, a long-awaited big Phew on that. Yuppers, 32gb is the minimum this time; welcome to late 2013, Samsung :)

I have to admit that whether I'Il be getting the Note 3 or not when it's released is a tough question for me. If I had half the country's wealth, you can be sure I wouldn't hesitate in getting one. But since I'm just a mule of the economy, I'll have to calculate and determine the magnitude of the benefits of an upgrade from my Note 2; If it's big enough, I'll take the plunge off-contract, since I'm not eligible for a re-contract yet till next year. If it's not, I'll hang on for the Note 4 and get it subsidized on contract next year.

I still love my Note 2 to bits and at the same time, I really like the new Note 3 from what I've seen and read about it so far though. According to Samsung, the Note 3 will be launched world-wide later this month in September except for the States and Japan (October instead for these 2 places).

'Tis the season to make a geeky choice again. Something tells me though, that if I should end up deciding against getting the Note 3 and I set my eyes on it in the store and play with it, I'd have to suppress Nerdgasm until my face turns dark blue.

-De Lion Speaks 


David Whittley said...

We seem to be in the same boat Lionel. To upgrade or not to upgrade? (to quote Shakespear).
I need to know a lot more about it before I make a decision.
I was kinda hoping that the S-Pen (which defines the Note series) would have been improved. So far I have just been able to read about the cute little menu that pops up when you pull it out (whooowheee). Not very impressive to the S-Pen Toolbox enlightened among us!
I was also hoping for a screen that could in some way be calibrated. I do a lot of photo retouching on my Note II and would love to be certain that the end result of my tinkering looks the same on the majority of displays.
All the best mate.
Another mule of the economy :D

Little Lion said...

Hey David, thanks for your comment :)
Sorry for the late reply, I was caught up with my job lately but I'm now back managing my blog again. The role of an economic mule means personal life getting bogged down sometimes, eh ;)

Like you, I need to find out more about the Note 3 too and also play with it in the store and read the reviews before making a decision. The ability to drag data from one multi-window pane to another is really handy though; it seems more intuitive than copying and pasting. I'll have to experiment with the new Note in the store to get a clearer picture still.

As for photo-retouching, the sharper and crisper display of the full HD screen of the Note 3 might probably affect things for the better (probably not by much and maybe not that discernible visually) if the photos are high res. Not sure about that though, but it will be something interesting to see.

These are interesting times, mate. And all the best to you too :)