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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands For My Galaxy Note 8.0

I've been doing.. things to my Galaxy Note '2.5' lately and it's my Galaxy Note 8.0's turn:

The 4.2.2 update for the GT-N5110 Galaxy Note 8 has been out for months already but Samsung didn't see it fit to roll the update out to my set yet (running on the Turkish firmware). Did I mention it's been months? Those rocking with the GT-N5100 version had their updates even earlier.

I actually won't mind it if I have to wait for a month or so for updates to reach my devices once they've been officially launched but I won't wait on my hand and foot for OEMs to throw their scraps my way for this long, so yesterday, I took the liberty of taking matters into my own hands and flashed the latest 4.2.2 UK firmware on my tablet using Odin and followed by a re-root.

I've just finished setting my baby up and of course, killed and got rid of all the bloat I don't need and never use and installed all the mods I need. The mod which allows you to put any app you want in the Multi-Window function is especially a definite must for the Note devices. 4.2.2 brings subtle changes and improvements but they are there; The ability to use Lockscreen widgets is a convenient thing and the OS does seem zippier, for example. I love this tablet to bits.

Might as well, running on the UK's firmware might just help improve my English. Hail to the Queen and all that.

The last paragraph above is of course just a joke.

-De Lion Speaks

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