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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Stupid Reminder That Isn't Completely Stupidly Unimportant. Whatever, I Don't Know How To Title This One.

They say there is no cure for stupidity. But if you manage to drag everyone around you down to the same level of stupidity, then stupidity becomes the standard norm and accepted norm and accepted standards require no cure.

This, my friends, is a stupid post.

Whatever, 2014 is only a hair's breadth away, so I hope everyone has checked off all your resolutions for 2013 by now already. Better go Speedo Deedo and get cracking now if your list is having any leftovers.

Time - If you don't become friends with it, it becomes your worst enemy after yourself. Not an easy feat to accomplish, you need to give it time. Oh wait.

-De Lion Speaks

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