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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Between The Galaxy Note's Multi-Windows and Pen Window

I'm the sort who can't sit still while listening to live streaming radio - when songs I don't find nice get played or when DJs turn bimbotic, I'll cruise around the different stations till I can settle at something I like (preferably Hard Rock, Metal, Blues or Jazz).

Along with things like messaging apps which you need to access frequently but which you can just momentarily forget about and leave in the background until the next message comes in while you continue working on your main project, can't-sit-still streaming radio works better in Pen Window as compared to Multi-Windows.

That's because Pen Window allows your main project to remain in full-screen mode when you don't need your secondary stuff to be visible and sharing screen space all the time. Multi-Windows, on the other hand, works best for cross-app reference work. They both have their places.

Best thing is, you can activate both Multi-Windows and multiple Pen Windows together if you need powered-up combos like in Street Fighter. So between the Galaxy Note's Multi-Windows and Pen Window is a mobile multi-tasker's dream come true.

Oh, you might wanna root your Note device so that you can hack your Pen Window to allow any app you want to be used by it, since the meagre default 8 pre-determined apps ought to make any serious multi-tasker go 'Tsk'. The same 'Tsk' factor can also be said for unrooted and unhacked Multi-Windows.

Come on Samsung,​ be a bigger hero and port Pen Window over to the Galaxy Note 8.0 already. 감사합니다.

-De Lion Speaks 

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