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Friday, December 20, 2013

'Tis The Season To Remember The Human Touch

Since young, my dear sister has been telling me that talking to me sometimes gives her headaches. The point is; when it comes to family, there should always be room for being free and silly. The family that laughs together enjoys being together. Paracetamol be damned.

Get off the computer, get off your smartphone and tablet for awhile and go give your family and loved ones a big hug and tickles, Christmas is coming afterall. 'Tis the season for strengthening bonds and spreading good cheer and goodwill - not just digitally over bits & bytes.

Taking occasional breaks from things like social media and meeting up with and touching people for real in real life will do us all a lot of good and ground us back to the human factor.

The world is still a wonderfully big place, don't limit your mind and vision to just the size of a screen, for good things around you do exist and they shouldn't be neglected.

Happy Holidays, fellow humans.

-De Lion Speaks

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