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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Birthday To..


My Lioness made me my favourite lamb chops for dinner along with french fries and Western chicken soup. You are a very blessed man if your mate is a great cook and my gosh, she IS an excellent cook.

My stomach, along with the rest of myself, belong to her since her cooking was just one of the ways she has conquered me through. She kept mum about that cheesecake she was hiding inside our fridge until I've almost finished my dinner. She can be pleasantly sneaky like that and I won't have it any other way.

Just for the record, it's been quite a long while since I've had lamb chops and fries. I watch what I eat since I don't wanna grow fat, you see. But whenever I allow myself to chow down on food I've put on my 'Only Once In A While If You Don't Want Your Waistline To Hate You And Vice Versa' list, I'll enjoy them. Besides, since I've already reached the point where I can't eat too much anyway, I view such enjoyment as safe in my non-fiction book. '七分饱' is a mantra I'm living by.

She asked me whether I've observed that the older one gets, the smaller birthday celebrations become in terms of the number of people participating in the celebrations. My reply to her was: "Rather celebrate with just someone who truly cares about you and vice versa instead of with a crowd of people who don't."

I don't mean becoming selfish or anti-social. We've all heard it before but what I'm getting at is that quality is always something worth much more than quantity.

I suppose the reverse exception is true if you happen to be a zombie during a zombie apocalypse. Speaking of which, did you know that 'zombies' exist in real life? You see them everytime you come across folks who spend all their time and effort living for approvals from the frivolities of societal circles just to belong and fit in without the capability to tell who their true friends really are or the lack thereof.

I wonder why Facebook suddenly pops into mind. Nevermind.

I can't speak for everybody and I certainly can't stereotype every younger person but it seems to me, at least, that as one grows older, one gravitates more towards only allowing the things and people that truly matter into the more intimate and deeper parts of one's inner circle while filtering out everything else.

As one grows older, Sturgeon's Law begins to have more and more of a concrete substance, it seems. I don't know, perhaps as one becomes older, Time seems to look shorter and when things are starting to look short, you begin to feel you shouldn't squander whatever you have and waste your life on frivolous things that won't matter in the end. Perhaps it's a subconscious thing.

On the flip side of the coin, I've seen people on the contrary side of the fence. I make it a point of reminder to myself not to end up on that side of the fence whenever I see 'drifters' - folks who waste themselves away, having forgotten that Time waits for no one. Absolutely no one. Now that's one of the scariest things I know.

Being human, we all make mistakes and there were and will be times when I forget the significance of Time. It's ok as long as you bother enough to pull yourself out of the pits you've fallen into. The trick is not to not make honest mistakes but rather, taking the effort to make things right for yourself and the people you care about to the best of your abilities everytime you do.

Where was I? Oh yeah, birthdays.

You look at age right in the eyes when it comes to birthdays. Age can seem like a scary thing when you see it getting inflated in numerical value with each passing year. The best way to deal with it is to make the most out of every single day you have to the point where you can crack a smile of satisfied fulfilment when you look back.

And if you focus only and solely on just the things you can't take with you when you bite the dust and exclude everything else not within the same category for your fulfillment, you are making a grave mistake. Pun very much intended.

And for what it's worth, allow your mind to age at a rate faster than that of your body's while always holding on to the inner child within you and never letting it go. As for your heart, it should always be held within the palms of the child in you.

Boy, that cheese cake was yummylicious.

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