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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Online Deathmatch

Wars fought on land, sea and air; traditionally so. And now, in this day and age of technological advancements, cyberspace has already joined in the fray.

I'm not sure how Anonymous is gonna pull this one off, considering things can't die permanent deaths on the Internet and respawn points can come to be anywhere - Cyber Necromancy, if you will. If the dimensions of cyberspace could be measured physically, I wouldn't be surprised if its scale turns out to be on par with the ever-expanding universe's.

I think this is gonna boil down to recurring ad nauseam cat and mouse. But still, something desperately needs to be done and you know what they say: like Ninjas, an anonymous enemy you can't identify makes for the deadliest of foes.

Keeping my eyes peeled on the frag scoreboard of this one as the insanity of current tragedies unleashed upon the world unfold before us.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pondered Non-Random Thought

War. Terrorism. Murder. Atrocities. It's not that the world has suddenly gone nuts before our eyes. How could it when it has always been crazy and never quite right in the head all along to begin with? History is the best witness to that and History's job as our witness to the mess we are making is still ongoing. If History had a heart, it would have been shattered countless times over.

If us humans had the sort of perception, collective consciousness and memory that wouldn't temporarily shove aside all mindful awareness of past events even when our attention is funneled and focused on what's happening before us all right here, right now in the present, we would all probably have already fainted from fright by being able to piece together and perceive the horror as a collective whole in its entirety; up to the point we all are now so far from ever since Man came to be.

Suppose we manage to colonize another planet like Mars some day, it will only end up meeting the same fate as Earth - slowly but surely, it gets torn apart by human conflict. Same shit, different place, that's all.

Wake me up when we can all manage to finally see eye-to-eye with one another. Until then, we all have to continue to put up with these recurring nightmares. My condolences.

Damn, the troublemakers that we are.