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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Birthday To..

..me. Another year, another +1 to getting older. Ugh. Nevermind, I'll evoke my mind over matter powers and convince myself that if I don't mind it, then it doesn't matter.

Regardless of the mind games I'm playing with myself today, my birthday calls for a celebration with my Lioness on the actual day itself. My family has celebrated for me just a few days earlier and I always reserve the actual day to be spent with my Lioness and she took leave for today just for that, how sweet of her.

The plan for today is to go have lunch first at Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant, which is a Hainanese restaurant situated at the basement of Golden Mile Tower for starters, which I have chosen (we are diplomatic enough to let the birthday boy choose the venue) because I missed the Hainanese chicken rice and the satay there, nevermind the steamboat which I have decided to skip because I no longer could eat as much as I used to be able to since 3 years ago when I was younger.

Another good thing about going to Thien Kee today to have lunch is that it's a weekday, so we can have our lunch in peace and quiet and be able to hear each other talk without a noisy crowd in the background. I happen to consider myself being quite alergic to a huge throng of people except for when I'm in a club or attending a Rock concert. I'll take crazy guitar solos at breakneck speed and thunderous drumming at high decibels over hearing people around me burp any day, even if they should burp in tune and in harmony with one another. Gee, I almost absent-mindedly tagged this blog post with the 'Music' blog label.

Sure enough, upon arriving at the restaurant, I can't help but smirk when we see that the place is almost vacant. Ah, the liberating feeling of spaciousness and adequate personal space in this city state has already become a rarity these days ever since 3 general elections ago when everyone's aggro circle shrunk big time, resulting in quite a shocking result for the incumbent during the following second last election. Mice crowded into a cage like sardines end up doing desperate crazy stuff and humans are no different.

Hey wait, it's my birthday, why am I side-tracking into politics here? That would sooooo ruin my celebratory mood, leaving a bad taste in my mouth and run contrary to me trying to enjoy a good lunch with my loved one, so forget about what I just said in the previous paragraph.

And besides, I've made it a point to always shut out the crap outside of our little heart-shaped bubble whenever I'm with her. An almost vacant restaurant sure helps with that, how very conducive indeed.

I've mentioned that I can't eat too much and the same holds true for my Lioness, so we ordered a plate of 2 white chicken drumsticks, 2 plates of chicken rice's rice, a plate of Hainanese-style 猪排 (pork chop) and 10 sticks of pork satay.

I'm here mainly for the renowned chicken rice and satay because for the past few times spanning across many years when I came here to eat, they never dissapointed me thus far. I think the last time when I came here was a year ago. Yup, Thien Kee has been doing business here in Golden Mile Tower for many years already, actually. My Lioness ordered the 猪排 because reviews on the Internet recommend this dish and she wants to try it out.

Now that all the dishes are served to us except for the satay which takes more time to prepare, I decide to skip the idea of taking a photo shot of our lunch in its entirety inclusive of the satay all in one photo. That's because we are both getting hungry by now and waiting for the satay to arrive later doesn't seem like a good idea, so I'll take an individual shot of it when it comes later. Time to chow down on what's before us first.

Happily eating away on the chicken rice meal and the 猪排 which my Lioness says does live up to the positive online reviews, the satay finally arrives. Gosh, am I tongue-tinglingly pleased to find out that the pork satay tastes just as yummylicious as it has ever tasted throughout all these years. Even my Lioness, who seldom eats satay, can't help but give it the thumbs up.

If you come here and can only eat just one thing alone for whatever reason, go for the satay, it's really that good if they can maintain whatever method and recipe they are using to marinate and barbecue these sticks of juicy succulent goodness. Just remember to ask for the satay gravy if you don't see it served together with the satay, since this time around, the dude who brought the dish out to us forgot about the gravy and I had to ask a waitress to bring us a bowl of it.

I gave praise and highlight to the satay but don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the Hainanese chicken rice and the 猪排 aren't nice, they are. It's just that the satay tastes the best to me out of all the varied dishes. Mum told me that when my brother-in-law came here just a few days ago, he ended up eating 5 servings of the chicken rice's rice alone, which is incredible to me since I don't think I could finish that many bowls of rice myself all in one go.

So yeah, you can come over to Thien Kee to try out the food here yourself if you haven't done so. One thing though, their prices have inflated as compared to what I remembered when I came here in the past. The total cost for our lunch here inclusive of our 2 cups of lime juices is more than 30 bucks. It's not too bad at all but the prices have definitely increased.

When we asked for the bill just now and this madam came over to our table to tabulate the bill item-by-item using impromptu arithmetic, I asked her politely in Hainanese to break the costs of the billed items down for me since I wanted to be in the loop regarding the mathematics she was muttering under her breath to herself earlier. Since it's my birthday, my Lioness is giving me the lunch treat and I just wanted to make sure that she doesn't end up overpaying, that's all.

Okie dokie, now that we are both energised by our delicious lunch with happy tastebuds still tingling with delightful satisfaction, it's time to leave Golden Mile Tower and head off elsewhere to continue with our dating. Until next time, dear gentle reader, I hope you have a great lunch today too.

Happy Birthday, self.

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