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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going Fiber

Internet broadband connections are like race cars; they have a need for speed. The faster the better. Just now, a technician from StarHub came over to my house to install a fiber broadband router, upgrading my previous non-fiber one to D-Link's router with 11AC WiFi.

I knew it was a matter of time before I decided to take the plunge to upgrade, since they already came over to install and ready fiber connection infrastructure in my house for free months ago to standby for the time when I decide to go for the upgrade.

A few days ago, StarHub called me up to persuade me to go fiber, since not only would it give me faster surfing speed but also, around 10 bucks will be slashed off my monthly internet broadband bill. Glad I waited for them to offer me the benefit but nah, they no longer give away free TVs for the upgrade promotions but long-term savings on my monthly bill sounded good enough to me - and that's after I interrogated the rep on the phone whether there would be any hidden catches but I didn't uncover any suspicious hanky-panky beneath the surface.

Right after the technician told me he has completed the fiber broadband router installation, I went to the Net to test out the connection speed and it did seem faster than previously but don't expect your mind to get to the point of getting blown, since it's not like my previous non-fiber router was an incompetent digital snail crawling through molasses. I'm hoping that the new network stability will have a more pronounced difference though, since once in a blue moon, my previous broadband connection experienced some hiccups here and there on a handful of occasions.

The fact that the fiber broadband tech now uses 2 devices that need to be powered up at the same time, as opposed to just 1 single router previously makes me wonder if that would mean a slight increase in my electricity bill. I'm not sure to what extent there will be a difference but I don't think the difference will be huge at all.

Anyway, the around 10 bucks of monthly broadband bill reduction ought to offset the monthly electricity bill some if the fiber gadgets turn out to be power-hogs. Even if they should turn out to be (but I don't think so), and everything actually turns out to be close to a zero sum monthly monetary game, I still get to utilize the supposedly better speed. And for you grammar and spelling Nazis out there, yeah, I prefer to use 'utilize' instead of 'utilise' because I prefer the Queen's English. Saves me from having to roll all my 'R's on the keyboard but I just wish my proficiency with the English language was perfect because it's not.

If you don't see me making future blog posts complaining about my new fiber broadband, it means it's working well as intended. I hope so. Now if you will excuse me, I have some huge downloads to do. So peace out and until next time, keep it zippy.

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