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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The X-Files: The Hunt For The Bogeyman Continues In 2016

The real truth is like a diamond - buried beneath a mountain pile of dirt you have to dig through just to get at it. Sturgeon's Law applies. And since 90% of everything is supposedly crap, it's hard to trust any supposedly full-of-crap person given the circumstances, right?

I love the poster on the left there.

Oh uh, where was I? Yeah, the new season 10 of the new X-Files has rolled out, picking up after season 9 from way back in 2002. Darn, it's been 14 years and Gillian Anderson, the woman playing the sceptic FBI agent Dana Scully, is still looking good (better from most angles, actually, now that she has shed her facial baby fats and that's a compliment).

And whaddya know, it looks like Mulder and Scully are probably into custom ROMs. I'm sure glad they are using Nexus Android phones - when you need serious work done like hunting down ghosts and aliens, you won't go far by using iPhones running restrictive iOS. Not only that, but hunting down the Bogeyman requires a very open mind and creative thinking processes, so using an open source OS is so very conducive for that, as opposed to an OS that tries to unapologetically box you in instead.

Actually, I wouldn't blame them at all if Scully ended up with an iPhone instead, considering that she's playing the role of the sceptic. Ha. So I'm finding it odd that she's rocking with a Nexus 6 while Mulder has an older Nexus 5. Maybe he's waiting for his mobile contract to run out before getting the new Nexus 6P, shrugs. They should do one spooky mini spinoff along the lines of 'What's on my Nexus' so that we can catch a glimpse of what ghosts and aliens-hunting apps our 2 endearing agents are rocking with.

But seriously, be it Android or iOS, it's great seeing Mulder and Scully now using modern mobile tech. Even though the latest iteration of iOS is still rather limiting and it's not enough to make me switch back to using an iPhone as a daily, it has become more fun to use as compared to the past and that's a good thing. Besides, since smartphones have also evolved into multimedia consumption devices and the modern phone is no longer used solely for just making phone calls and messaging, it's nice to see the iPhone 6 Plus with a big enough screen (finally, though Apple needs to catch up with Android's yummylicious higher screen resolutions), nevermind what the late Steve Jobs said about big screens. He might have been right during his time but that no longer applies across the entire industry's board today.

There were a few incidents in the older X-Files series where I thought to myself just how Mulder and Scully's work would have been made easier if they had smartphones and the right apps installed. Yup, I've been watching the older mini series recently to 'get back in the mood'. I certainly hope I won't ever see our 2 agents taking photos of their food to post on their Facebook pages as if anyone will truly care in the new mini series though, or I'll have to look away from the screen in utter disgust. I have faith that they won't do that in the series though, since they've always been occupying their time with much better things to do and mysteries to solve.

It's good to see our 2 favourite FBI agents back on the screen after all these long years to continue living with the bumps in the night and chasing the mysteries.