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Sunday, July 17, 2016

爱心 Pizza

Today, my Lioness made her first home-made 10 minutes DIY pizza for the both of us. She took slices of bread, spread Prego pasta sauce over them, put slices of ham on the bread and sprinkled grated mozzarella cheese over the ham (in that order) before putting everything into the oven.

Oh my goodness, her quick home-made pizza (that I sprinkled tobasco sauce all over my share as soon as they came out of the oven) tasted really yummylicious! Pizza purist snobs might scoff at the simple ingredients used but like I said, these are quick 10 minutes barebones 'pizzas'. Everything may have been minimally barebones, yes, but how good indeed these barebones tasted, Slurp!!

My Lioness likes to experiment with improvised dishes and just in case anyone thinks I'm just curry flavouring her here, I'm not. That's because I do give her honest constructive criticism during the handful rare number of times when I felt that the cooking wasn't that ok. The best way to help your mate improve her cooking is to be honest with her while being sensitive to her feelings at the same time. There's always a right and wrong angle(s) of approach to everything.

The point is: My Lioness is actually a great cook and there were only just 2 or 3 occasions when I had to tell her honestly that her cooking weren't that ok. Nobody is perfect and just 2 or 3 misses out of a hundred or so is already darn near perfect in my non-fiction book already.

At the end of it all after the dust settles, whether you like the food or not, always let your mate know how appreciative and fortunate you are that she cares to put in the effort to cook for you in the first place. That, my friends, is truly what matters the most. Cherish that and let your mate know it.

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