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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There's Jive-Talking & There's Shit-Talking

My colleague-sister and me are prone to misunderstandings by our other colleagues since we both talk shit to each other.

Good shit, by the way. Shit so deep that nobody else can fathom nor understand what she and me are talking about most of the time. Now that's chemistry:

The shit continues. She's a new iPhone user and I'm just a seasoned idiotic geek:

As you can already tell, she and me get along really well. We contribute to world peace.

I'm suddenly having the nagging feeling that Nobel owes us something.

- De Lion Speaks

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adorable & Gentle Lionesses Do Exist

I know I'm always referring to my sweetheart as 'My Lioness'. Fact is, the official nickname I've given her is actually 'My Little Rabbit'.

A lioness conjures up the idea of a really fierce predator but my partner is actually the opposite - she's as gentle and docile as a rabbit and Sanrio's Melody is her heroine.

What, surely you didn't think I was foolish enough to marry a fierce woman and get ass-whipped, considering the fact that I'm quite a gentle soul myself? No gentle man in his right mind will marry a woman who doesn't behave like a gentle lady in the first place.

Hell, I'm sure that even a rough guy in his right mind would choose a gentle lady who behaves like a woman over another who behaves otherwise, all other factors being equal. I don't know, perhaps there are guys out there with different tastes, but whatever rocks their beds.

So the reason why I refer to her as 'My Lioness' is because I refer to myself as 'Little Lion' in this blog since my name means 'Little Lion' or 'Lion Cub' in French. As I've mentioned, My Lioness is more like a rabbit, so it's just for the sake of the ease of staying relevant with the idea of my own reference about myself in my blog here that I refer to her as 'My Lioness'.

Today, my Lioness sent me a really adorable drawing in the mobile game 'Draw Something'. Playing this game with her made me realize I haven't seen how she draws since day one..

Even games can help us appreciate the people we care about.

To me, this simple drawing of her's brings out the innocent child in her and I love it because when we both are together, we bring out the children inside ourselves out of each other and I won't change that for the world, since children communicate and interact on a purer and more open level and they have more fun.

Therefore, I am keeping her drawing here as a sweet memory, since I know that everytime I come here and look at it, I will catch myself smiling.

And the answer is 'Goldfish'.

- De Lion Speaks

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scribble On The Wall, Pain In The Eyes

Some vandalizing fucker scribbled this on the pillar under my block. I hope he really tried humping the concrete and got his dick smashed.

I hate it everytime my block gets vandalized. What am I supposed to tell my mum or any visitor when they come over for a visit, heh.

Angsty neighbours I must be having but I have trouble wrapping my mind around this since as far as I know, I'm the only guy in my neighbourhood who listens to hard rocking Hard Rock, Metal and the occasional Screamo.

Well, at least the cats here are friendly, adorable and didn't go to school to learn how to spell and write, says my half-filled cup.

- De Lion Speaks

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Quickie Update

I just came back from Taipei and in January, I went to South Korea. Gee, I haven't updated about those in my blog yet but I will. I'll just have to go back in Time to do so after I've completed the blog entries for my previous Taipei trip last year which is nearing completion already as I'm typing this.

Gosh, I have lots of things to catch up on and so much to share.

In other news, I've finally hauled my lazy ass and changed the steel strings on my N4 guitar; something I planned to do just before my Taipei trip but had to put off till I come back. Decided that I only had to change the G, B and 1st E strings though, since the other 3 remaining lower thicker strings seem fine.
It's always the 3 higher strings that need changing at a faster rate since they are thinner.

My pride & joy - the Padauk N4

And come to think of it, I may be having acidic hands which could have compounded the problem. Your hand would probably melt if I shook hands with you.

Anyway, glad that's already out of the way. I touched down back on home-ground at around 4am on Thursday morning and was on leave that day. I'm still in the process of adjusting my mind from holiday mode but it's gonna be short-lived since I'll be going to Osaka and Kyoto in Japan for my company incentive trip on the night of the 13th of this month. Yee-Har.

Oh crap, that means I better complete the blog entries I still owe myself before heading to Osaka, otherwise, I'll have too much on my plate to whittle down by then.

Right, so I'll have to report back to the office tomorrow and I wonder if I'll have a shitload of piled-up tasks waiting for me there. Wish me luck & stay frosty.

- De Lion Speaks