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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

People Move On

Luke has been our Senior Product Manager in our company for over 7 years, around coming to 2 years longer than I've been with the company and today is his final day of empIoyment with us before he hops over immediately tomorrow to his new career adventure.

I've already seen 2 managers for my small department that I reported directly to leave (the first one was actually a Sales Supervisor but his duties were more like an assistant manager's) and I wish I could have blogged about them. Too bad I started using Blogspot only after they have already left and my previous blog contents with another blogging site got wiped clean from the face of the earth.

I mentioned just now that my department is small. In reality, it's so small that it consists of just me and my one manager with an overseer that lets us run the bulk of the operations most of the time. The overseer (which used to be our very senior GM but now, our very own Managing Director took over the helm) only steps in whenever very major decisions need to be made or whenever anything pertaining to my department needs to be authorized by a bigger gun. My MD is a very busy man, which was why he hired us to run the bulk of the mill and I happen to be the grunt doing all the leg work.

Luke has been my colleague for coming to 6 years already, which is the duration of my employment with our company thus far, so Luke is my senior colleague. He started as a GP sales rep and worked his way up to his current position. There was once years ago when he tendered his resignation but our MD offered him bonded sponsorship for studies and Luke accepted that and stayed. Well, he has just finished his bond and became a free man again. What he told us during his farewell lunch a few days ago is still ringing in my ears: "People come and go and people move on."

It's the end of the work day after our office birthday celebration which involved me since my birthday was a few days ago. While walking to my colleague Jess's car to hitch a ride from her back to the wild wild west where you can find lions, I whipped out my phone and took the following photo of Luke as he took a break conversing with Jacelyn and Lily to pose for me. I wanted it candid but they caught me in the act:

Something tells me that that was the last time I'll ever take a photo of Luke. We've been overseas together on company sales incentive trips and the memories of our trips, especially at Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto always bring a smile to my face. Good times. If our Sales & Marketing teams should go for another overseas trip again, I'll miss Luke's presence.

No human relationship can be 100% perfect and Luke has pissed me off on several occasions on work-related issues but who's to say he has never felt the same towards me as well. It doesn't matter anymore now that he's leaving and whatever unpleasantries are behind us now. There is no longer any point holding on to foot-stepped imprints on our work shoes any more.

*Wipe Wipe*

Besides, I hear that harbouring negativity for too long might beget fatal cancer, no? So we'll forget the bad, hang on to the good and move forward.

Luke, you are a great and intelligent guy overall and I sincerely wish you all the best, brother. Keep your wits about you as you always do, I'm confident you are gonna build a better life for yourself out there. God bless, bro.

-De Lion Speaks

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

S Pens Don't Get Along With Magnetic Fields

I've started to notice a spot on my Galaxy Note 2's screen where my S Pen will seem to go all crazy and inaccurate. Said spot is near the middle of the right edge of the screen. If I try writing or operating my S Pen at that particular spot, the writings and accuracy will seem to go randomly all over the place.

Oh how my poor heart breaks. Try imagining my utter dismay upon the thought that I bought my Note at retail price just four days ago and now this? I'm not gonna have to deal with this issue; it's a new device, so I made up my mind to go back to the mobile shop and make them do an exchange for me with a new set. I'm so dismayed that I've decided to take a cab home right after work so that I can get this over with as quickly as possible.

Sitting in front of my computer at home now and backing up the data on my Note 2, I decide to try my S Pen on it one last time. Who knows, perhaps a last minute miracle might just happen. By this point, I've already taken my Note out from its case which I bought for it, since I'm gonna exchange my Note for a new one and I'll transfer the case over to the new Note 2.

Pulling out my S Pen, I fire up S Note and begin to write at that 'troubled spot'..
I find myself muttering "What the?!" when the strokes from my S Pen go over that troubled spot on my Note's screen so smoothly and accurately. Apparently, I did receive my last minute miracle after all. Putting the case back on, the S Pen starts to go screwy again. Taking the case off, the S Pen behaves properly again.

So as things have turned out, the miracle wasn't that my Note decided to somehow rectify itself and finally function properly but rather, the fault lies with the case instead. My Note has been taken in and out from the case twice for this and each time, it has shown consistent results and so, putting 1 and 1 together, I get a 'faulty' case. Fucking rocket science.

But why was it only at that particular spot on the screen? Putting my Note back in the flip-book style case, it begin to dawn on me that behind that troubled spot on the screen is where the case's magnet used to secure the flap of the case is situated. Pulling the part of the case where the magnet is situated away from the phone so that it doesn't come into direct contact with it, my S Pen starts functioning properly again.

So the magnet has been the culprit all along and I consider myself to be extremely lucky that the fault actually lies with the case rather than with my Note.

So mystery solved and I can breathe again and I no longer have to make a trip down to that mobile shop. I'll just get myself a non-magnetic case, no biggie. Can you imagine how I would have felt if I did make an exchange, put the same case on the new Note 2 and experience the very same issue? Can't help but shudder just thinking about that.

If I condense and squeeze this entire blog post into just one sentence, it will be this:

Cases with magnets will screw up your Note's S Pen whenever the magnet comes into direct contact with the device.

-De Lion Speaks

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Me - Proud Owner of a Galaxy Note 2

It was only yesterday when I first held the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in my hands. No, I didn't get too crazy to the point of me refusing to wash my hands after the awesome experience, though I suspect the situation got pretty close to such an unimaginable extent and I had to rein myself in.

Drama Mode Off

It's 7 more days to go before the official launch day of the Galaxy Note 2 here and my buddy Lim told me the other night over beer that he saw someone in the bus with the device already and he wasn't drunk. To top it off with an extra punch, my Lioness who doesn't drink and is always sober, told me that one of her colleagues already bought and is using an imported Note 2. Thing is, her colleague bought it from this mobile shop at Jurong West block 501, which is like just 20 minutes or so walk from our house.

As I've mentioned yesterday, I've been waiting so very impatiently for the Galaxy Note 2 for months on end already and since my contract with my telco still has a long way to go as I've renewed my contract during June to get my S3, I now have the freedom to get the Note 2 from anywhere. Such freedom comes with a price though - I have to pay full retail price. Therefore, the plan is to buy the Note 2 on retail and sell my S3 to cut my losses, which should net me a few hundred bucks to patch up the wound on my wallet.

So my Lioness accompanied me and we took a bus instead of walking to Jurong West block 501. Yup, It's a happy ending alright and we came home with an imported titanium grey Galaxy Note 2 in my happy hands. Here she is:

Actually, I spent an obscene amount of time at the KFC next to the mobile shop selling the Note 2, going on the Net and calling up the other shops in other areas selling the imported sets as well to compare prices, enquire about the 32gb Note 2 (not available anywhere here and nobody knows if and when it will ever make it here) and finding out if there would be any complications with OTA updates when it comes to the imported Note 2 sets, which the vendors told me there is nothing to worry about.

I spent so much time doing all these impromptu research before deciding if I should buy the device there and then that my Lioness decided to have some KFC chicken to pass the time, heh. Bless her, for she helped me with my research and she called up some vendors for me to help me save time. I also get to enjoy some of the chicken. She's a secretary by profession, so her career skills came into good play here.

I told her that my goal was to buy the 32gb Note 2 instead of the available 16gb version but nobody knows if the 32gb will ever be available here. For the S3, the 32gb was released here like 4 months after its initial launch with the 16gb version. Well, she understood how much I wanted to own a Galaxy Note 2, so she suggested that I should get the 16gb now and then sell it off to get a 32gb if and when it should become available here some day. Besides, the Note 2 allows for up to 64gb of expandable micro SD space, which is a lot of extra storage space (though some folks reported in online forums that they experimented with 128gb external SD cards and they do work).

Actually, for the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2, games can't be installed on external SD cards but if I wanted to, I could root my phone for it, so there's still a way to tackle the 16gb internal memory issue should I run out of storage space because games can eat up the most space. I'm actually using my 2 years experience with my 16gb iPhone 4 (which I've sold off), which was my first smartphone as a gauge to help me here: I never got to the extent of completely running out of storage space with it due to PC backup of stuff whenever I decide I don't need them as much anymore but still, I would prefer the extra insurance with a 32gb Note 2. Nevertheless, the idea of expandable storage for the device sure as heck makes one feel a lot better.

Anyone trying to convince themselves that external storage is a poor choice is just deluding themselves and trying to justify their lack of additional options. It's not very bright to choose lack and limitations over additional options and features that can and do come in handy, is it? Such folks who are throttlers of eclecticism do exist and you can find them in iFruitloop forums. I'm not saying that every single person in such forums are that way of course, but I'm sure you can easily spot the hardcore ones who are when you see them advocating lack while crusading against choice and additional options.

Trying to kill off freedom and imprisoning ourselves in chains is one of the greatest tragedies mankind do to themselves.

Back on track: after weighing the suggestions, considerations and all the pros and cons mentioned above, I decided to get the 16gb Note 2 from the shop, which I did. I paid SGD $840 for the phone (and I grabbed the offer of a soft case worth 20 odd bucks and a screen protector worth 12 bucks - these 2 accessories for just an extra 10 dollars, so why not?) and the boss told me he can buy my S3 off me for $540. Since I have to transfer lots of data from my S3 to my new Note 2 and back them up on my computer at the same time, l couldn't and didn't sell my S3 on the spot. Besides, I should source around just in case I could get a better selling price with somebody else.

The Note 2 I bought is the non-LTE GT-N7100 international version, by the way, which is around $150 cheaper than the LTE GT-N7105 version which will be the version to be officially launched here in a week's time from now. In case you were wondering, besides LTE, the differences between both versions are that the non-LTE version has a FM radio receiver while the LTE version doesn't and the S Pen of one version won't work on the other. So why did I decide to settle for the much cheaper non-LTE version? Because:

1) LTE coverage here still has a long way to go. One of the Samsung staffs who attended to me yesterday at Tampines Mall told me it should take around 2 years for LTE coverage to be adequate enough island-wide here, though I think one and a half year should be more like it. By then, I'll be able to recontract and probably get the Note 4, all things being equal considered. That would be the proper time for me to switch to LTE.

LTE data plans are a pain in the ass currently anyway with their 2gb monthly limit. How much can a heavy user do with just 2gb per month? Sure, you can pay for additional gigabytes but I still think LTE plans are costly currently. I'm holding out for the possibility that by the time I hop onto the LTE wagon, I'll get to enjoy cheaper rates by then. Hopefully. Every aspect of technology usually become cheaper over time.

Until then, I'll keep my existing 12gb monthly data plan and cut my losses as much as possible now, since having to pay retail price for a phone is honestly something I never imagined I would do but I feel that the Note 2 is worth it for me to break this long-time taboo of mine, considering my mobile needs and how I think the Note can cater to them. I'm still feeling a little crazy about it though, so I better squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of my new Note and make it all worth it.

2) There is a possibility that I might buy the 32gb Note 2 should it become available here and should the 16gb version can no longer cater to my needs adequately. Remember that games, apps and widgets can only be installed on internal memory when it comes to Samsung phones unless you root, as shown in this video for the Note 2:

However, there is another way out for the 16gb internal memory:

So, if I do not wish to root my phone, I should get the cheaper non-LTE Note 2 now so that my wallet can feel better in the event that the 32gb does get released here and I decide to buy it. If that happens, I'll get a LTE 32gb which ought to be more future-proof.

The way I see it, if I'm to get a phone which I think is worth for keeps for a long time to come, it has to be at least 32gb with LTE so that it can survive into the future, given the progress of the mobile technology situation and the fact that operating systems are starting to utilize progressively bigger chunks of memory and storage space. This also means that by the time I can recontract with my telco again, if the Note 4 proves to be only marginally better over the Note 2 by then, I won't upgrade to the Note 4. I doubt that would be the case but I'm no soothsayer, so never say never. It's safer to say 'maybe'.

I don't know how Samsung is gonna improve drastically with their future Notes over the current Note 2 other than a better camera, a faster processor, probably wireless charging and a better display as well as more functions with the S Pen. Not that these aren't insignificant upgrades though, don't get me wrong. We shall see.

The 1gb of RAM in my S3 will not be able to cut it with the passage of time. I was actually disappointed with the fact that on my S3, due to its low 1gb of RAM, multi-tasking was a hit-or-miss situation; open up too many apps and say you've scrolled down halfway through a webpage and you switch to another app, switch back to the webpage again and you might find it reloading itself again instead of staying put at where you left it. It then becomes irritating that I had to look for the section of the webpage I previously parked myself at whenever this happened. The Note 2 with its 2gb of RAM should encounter much less of such issues unless I run a gazillion number of apps at the same time.

Before paying for the device, I requested for my Note 2 to be switched on so that l could inspect its display and to test if there would be any problems receiving OTA updates which was a concern bugging me all along. There wasn't any problems with the gorgeous display or screen and yippykaiyay, I saw the OTA update icon displayed on the notifications bar. I'm sure the update is for enabling the multi-windows feature but that has to wait till I get home and use my WiFi connection for the update download.

With my new Note 2 in hand, my Lioness & me are now walking to the bus stop while I factory reset the phone. Yup, it's good practice to factory reset a new phone before you start using it to get rid of any possible hiccups residing in the phone and I hear this is also beneficial for the battery as well.

Seriously, I never expected myself to own a Galaxy Note 2 this quickly before its official launch here. It was only yesterday when I held the demo sets in my hands while telling myself I had to wait till the 20th (or from 6pm onwards on the 19th if I should go queue up for it at Paragon and I absolutely hate getting myself into long queues). I just heard this young girl behind me at the bus stop telling this woman seated next to her that she wants a Galaxy Note 2 for herself while I was playing with mine. I have to admit that this feels pretty good ;p

Now if you will excuse me, I have a new phone (some call it a 'Phablet') to set up and play with, so I'm signing out. You can be sure that I'll blog my thoughts about it after using it for an adequate and reasonable amount of time to formulate a concrete opinion about it, so stay tuned. Just for the record, several overseas reviewers from mobile technology sites have already reported lots of hands-on positive things regarding the device that got me excited and all fired up. Just search for 'IFA Galaxy Note 2' or 'Galaxy Note 2 hands-on' on YouTube or Google if you are interested.

Congratulations, self. Now hold that mutha properly and don't drop your new Big joy on the pavement. Pun intended and I'm effing stoked Big time. What's the proper term for this, 'Nerdgasm'?

-De Lion Speaks

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Galaxy Note 2 In My Hand

It's the 12th of October: 8 days before the official launch date here of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which I've been pining for for months on end already and exercising the patience for it is admittedly tough business for me, ugh. But lookie here at the pic, that's my hand there holding the Galaxy Note 2, days before the device is supposed to be officially launched here. In case you were wondering, yeah my fingers were experiencing some sort of digit orgasm when I was taking the photo. Splash.

So I was at Tampines this afternoon where I was supposed to meet up with my new colleague Queenie and orientate her on the pharmaceutical retail front by visiting my customers there together. When I arrived at Tampines, I went up to the second floor of Tampines Mall to use the washroom to refresh myself after the long train ride there, like I always do. Just so happens that washrooms on levels above the ground floor are usually cleaner.

When I was done, I quickly headed towards the Samsung mobile store just opposite the washroom. Couldn't help it, since I've been waiting all these while for the Note 2's arrival, I wanted to check out if there were any new news pertaining to it.

As I got close to the entrance of the Samsung store, my eyes picked up what looked like a bloated-up Galaxy S3 on display as my heart skipped a beat.. yes folks, that 'bloated-up S3' was a Galaxy Note 2. So what was the very first thought that sprung to my mind when I saw the Note 2, sitting so invitingly there on the display stand? It was this:

"Get your credit card ready on battle station, self, I'm buying one Note 2 straight off the store right here and right now. There is no need and no room for second thoughts."

But I held back the impulse shopper in me as the rational part of myself told me to try out the display sets first and there were 2 pairs of them in the store - each pair consisted of a white and titanium grey set placed side by side for easy colour comparison. I had to rush through playing with the display sets since I had to meet up with Queenie who was playing with other Android phones in another store at the train station while waiting for my arrival. Yeap, we are both Droid phone fans.

I really liked what I was seeing as I played around with the new Note except for one issue: The S Pen sure looked and felt smaller and flimsier than what I've seen of it on Youtube videos to the point where it got me wondering if they actually displayed the S Pen of the venerable Note 1 instead, which of course didn't make any sense. That was my only peeve towards the device at that point in time.

To cut a long story short, here are the answers from one of the really helpful Samsung staffs there who attended to me regarding my 2 main queries:

1) Only the 16gb internal memory version of the Note 2 will be launched in the country and there's no telling when and if the 32gb or the 64gb versions will be launched here in the future.

I would prefer to get the 32gb version but at the same time, I wasn't surprised about the current situation which was the same situation with the launch of the Galaxy S3 months ago. The 32gb S3 became available in the Samsung mobile stores here around 3 months following the launch of the 16gb version here. Here's hoping the Note 2 will follow suit.

2) I can't buy a Note 2 from the store here, I have to wait till the official launch date which is the 20th. However, according to the staff, M1's main outlet at Paragon will start selling it from 6pm onwards on the 19th and pre-orders start on the same day. Looks like I'll have to endure my impatience till then. Bummer, I was really looking forward to buying one from the store (can't get it on contract with my telco since my contract still has a Iong way to go, so I'm free to get the new Note on retail from anywhere. I'm a free man in this regard, nevermind the higher cost I'll have to pay).

Anyway, the staff couldn't give me any info on the pricing since that hasn't been officially released yet. I'm guessing it should be between 800 bucks plus to 900 bucks or so on retail. We'll see.

Yup, I'm prepared to let my S3 go to get the Note 2 in its place, I've made up my mind about this already. Um, I got my S3 like almost 4 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I really like my S3 and I think it's awesome, it's just that I've concluded the Note 2 can do so much more and cater to my mobile needs better, based on the online reviews I've seen and read so far, at least.

Still, I can't help but feel adulterous about it.

-De Lion Speaks

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I Hosed My Own Blog Pics On Google+

So I've decided to migrate over to Google+ from Facebook, since except for the occasional meaningful and insightful post, Facebook has become nothing more than a feed of spam for the most part - if it's not about food (barring photos of hand-made food made by my friends themselves, since I appreciate honest effort by oneself), it's about vague one-liners or it's about photos that blackmail your morality into liking them; which if you don't, then they declare you an uncaring evil person without a shred of morality - Ego masturbation by the number of Facebook likes on the part of the peeps posting the pics, more like.

Not that there's anything inherently wrong with photos of gluttony food but if that's mostly what folks post for the majority of their facebooking time, it just leaves you longing for more depth and substance. The same can be said for vague one-liners. I relish expressions that cleverly portray one's feelings and thoughts but one-liners just don't cut it. Consider the following example:

Post: Sad.
Comment: Why?

See? One-liner posts are usually followed by one-liner comments. Thing is, if you know that your friends are gonna question you about your one-liner, you might as well post with detailed information right off the bat. The following example sure sounds a heck lot more informative which also spares your responding friends the unnecessary extra step of having to ask you about your otherwise vague one-liner:

Post: I'm sad because I know that vague one-liners scream the impression that one has difficulty in self-expression but yet, people who are actually perfectly capable of expressing themselves still use them.

And about those photos that blackmail you and hold your morality hostage into liking them: they are usually photos of the unfortunate, the crippled or the abused. I can appreciate the awareness-building regarding the plight and situation of the unfortunate so that we can all ponder about how we can contribute to their welfare, no problem at all, but if they are captioned by sentences like 'Like to show your sympathy, ignore if you are uncaring and cold-hearted', even if I am a kind person who cares, I don't take kindly to threats directed at my morality like that.

Such things reek too much of likes-craving and I wonder if people who post such photos have the permissions of the unfortunate folks portrayed in the pics to do so in the first place. Whether your viewers like whatever you post ought to be up to their freedom of choice, you don't use their morality and their concept of right & wrong to blackmail them. It's sad seeing friends falling for such blackmail tactics.

And there are the folks who don't turn off their Facebook gaming feeds and folks who post links to articles and then copy and paste huge chunks from the body of the linked articles on their posts; they might as well just quote the articles in their entirety or even better, let the links remain while giving comments about what they personally think regarding the subject matter, rather than just regurgitate everything like cows.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with long posts at all if they are the poster's own expression of thoughts and opinions but if you link to articles, you don't vomit them out word for word. Your friends can read and they don't need to read the same thing twice (if they even bother to click the links and read, that is).

One word: SPAM.
Two words: Spam Irritates.

I'm not saying that Facebook is a 100% complete total crock of shit, of course. It does have pros over Google+ and vice-versa. Like I've mentioned above, there are occasional gems on Facebook too - the insightful posts, the clever snide remarks that say so much more when you read between their lines (it's good to ponder and think once in awhile as opposed to mindless swallowing, you know), the awareness-building photos that politely ask you to show support by liking them IF you really happen to like them without blackmailing your morality, etc.

Trouble is, the weeds far outnumber the flowers. Facebook is a total mess for the most part - for me at least. Sure, I can filter out all the crap but since there is so much crap, why should I go through all the trouble of weeding things out? Besides, if you block any of your chosen friends' posts, you will miss the gems that they sometimes post too. A 'One Shot Kill All' solution is not the proper solution here, as it kills the 'weeds' along with the 'flowers'. Sturgeon's Law comes into play on Facebook and having to weed out 90% of the whole shebang just to get to the remaining 10% is not a very productive thing to attempt.

Another issue about Facebook I find worrying is that I have friends who can tell me that they haven't been on Facebook for ages and in their next breath, blurt about the things I've posted for the past couple of days.. Seriously, just admit it already if you spend your Facebooking time playing spy. Either they are being fake by conscious choice or they are unaware that Facebook is making them fake. Since it's the decent thing to do to give your friends the benefit of the doubt, I'll close my right eye to the former possibility mentioned and stare at the latter possibility with my left eye.


So I've decided to migrate over to Google+ in my quest to evade the spam and the riff raff and start over on a clean slate. I decided to try Google+ when I chanced upon the following video:

People in the know say that when it comes to Google+, it's about making new friends as opposed to seeing existing friends there. I think that is true, at least from where I'm coming from, since it seems that none of my friends have an active Google+ account. Even if a meagre handful of them do, their Google+ pages are ghost towns (I did come across 4 of my Facebook friends' Google+ pages), as they still flock to old familiar Facebook and pasture there like what all their friends are doing.

I guess breaking away from the party for a quiet change can be a scary thing, especially if the change means you will be greeted with loneliness first thing after making the switch. Good thing I have Sensei there with me and good thing she loathes Facebook. Quiet quality over noisy quantity is a treasure most people throw away for fear of a lack of companionship. Good thing I'm a Scorpio, I was born a lone wolf by nature and I have no such problems :)
Can't do without a spouse though, as I have a constant craving for love.

I said 'quality' and I said 'love', I didn't say 'quantity' nor 'orgy', so I can get away from Facebook and survive on Google+. No problem there for me. Besides, it's not like I've completely deactivated my Facebook account; I still leave it there (albeit neglected but that's to be expected) as another avenue of communication for my friends there and as and when I receive notifications that my friends on Facebook have sent me messages, I'll grit my teeth, brace myself for the horror, fire up Facebook and respond to their messages. Other than that, my Facebook page is now a ghost town.

There's no telling that one's Google+ page won't end up a spamming mess like Facebook as one's social circle there expands, but for me, I'm liking the peace and quiet there for now. If things take a turn for the opposite one day, that would be a worry for another day, not today. I live for the moment when it comes to social media. I can be nomadic when it comes to such things - Not happy? Just pack up, leave, move on and seek better pastures. It doesn't have to get complicated.

When it comes to Google+, it's all about adding the correct Circles for yourself to get an enjoyable experience out of it. You don't even have to post much if you choose not to do so, just reading the posts of the proper circles you've added that pertain to your interests and hobbies is enjoyable in itself.

And finally, here's the part this blog entry's very title points at:

So I've opened a Google+ account and I found myself really liking the interface of its mobile version, though on the flip side of the coin, I dislike the webpage version of it since it looks.. how should I put it.. generic? Yeah, generic, for lack of a better word. No problem though, since I surf social media on my mobile 95% of the time.

Well, you know how setting up a brand new site goes - I went through the settings and the whole shebang setting things up and when I went to my Google+ photo albums section to take a look there, I was mystified as to why the pictures on my blog site were there. So apparently, Picasa is integrated into Google+. I don't know about you but I do not want my blog photos to be in my Google+ page. I just don't see any purpose for them to be there at all, so I deleted the entire album that held them.

Then the horror dawned on me when I went over to my blog and saw this:


By all killer recycle bins, where the freaking fuck did the photos and pictures on my blog go?! My jaw hit the floor when I realized that deleting my blog photos album on Google+ zapped them all from my blog site too. Oh bloody fuck.

Shame on you, Google. I present to you my extended middle finger for this.

Have a look at this. Looks like I'm not the only one who wandered into the minefield and got blown away without even realizing the fuck why. I don't think l saw that pop-up warning detailing the consequential deletion of the photos on my blog itself. Maybe it did and I skimped it but the point is, why should Google sync blog photos with Google+? Maybe they have valid reasons I'm not in the know of and maybe it was my own fault somehow but

Bloody heck, so I ended up hunting down copies of all those blog photos deleted and putting them back in my blog all over again. The ordeal was exhausting as hell and you guessed it: some of the photos are lost for good since I couldn't find copies for all of them. Come on, we are talking about at least 2 years worth of blog photos here and you can't expect me to hoard everything. The only lucky thing about this tragedy is that only those photos saved in Picasa got zapped while the photos of my earlier blog entries saved via Blogpress didn't, since they are stored in a different server. That's a definite relief.

So if you spot any of my blog entries missing their pics, thank Google for me. And if you are a blogger thinking of opening a Google+ account, don't say I didn't warn you here. Do yourself a big favour and save yourself a big heartache by setting your blog pics album on your Google+ page to private mode instead of deleting the whole album.

But damn it Google, I still really like your mobile version of Google+ and I still like using it. I hate you but I like you, so WTF?

-De Lion Speaks