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Friday, October 12, 2012

The Galaxy Note 2 In My Hand

It's the 12th of October: 8 days before the official launch date here of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which I've been pining for for months on end already and exercising the patience for it is admittedly tough business for me, ugh. But lookie here at the pic, that's my hand there holding the Galaxy Note 2, days before the device is supposed to be officially launched here. In case you were wondering, yeah my fingers were experiencing some sort of digit orgasm when I was taking the photo. Splash.

So I was at Tampines this afternoon where I was supposed to meet up with my new colleague Queenie and orientate her on the pharmaceutical retail front by visiting my customers there together. When I arrived at Tampines, I went up to the second floor of Tampines Mall to use the washroom to refresh myself after the long train ride there, like I always do. Just so happens that washrooms on levels above the ground floor are usually cleaner.

When I was done, I quickly headed towards the Samsung mobile store just opposite the washroom. Couldn't help it, since I've been waiting all these while for the Note 2's arrival, I wanted to check out if there were any new news pertaining to it.

As I got close to the entrance of the Samsung store, my eyes picked up what looked like a bloated-up Galaxy S3 on display as my heart skipped a beat.. yes folks, that 'bloated-up S3' was a Galaxy Note 2. So what was the very first thought that sprung to my mind when I saw the Note 2, sitting so invitingly there on the display stand? It was this:

"Get your credit card ready on battle station, self, I'm buying one Note 2 straight off the store right here and right now. There is no need and no room for second thoughts."

But I held back the impulse shopper in me as the rational part of myself told me to try out the display sets first and there were 2 pairs of them in the store - each pair consisted of a white and titanium grey set placed side by side for easy colour comparison. I had to rush through playing with the display sets since I had to meet up with Queenie who was playing with other Android phones in another store at the train station while waiting for my arrival. Yeap, we are both Droid phone fans.

I really liked what I was seeing as I played around with the new Note except for one issue: The S Pen sure looked and felt smaller and flimsier than what I've seen of it on Youtube videos to the point where it got me wondering if they actually displayed the S Pen of the venerable Note 1 instead, which of course didn't make any sense. That was my only peeve towards the device at that point in time.

To cut a long story short, here are the answers from one of the really helpful Samsung staffs there who attended to me regarding my 2 main queries:

1) Only the 16gb internal memory version of the Note 2 will be launched in the country and there's no telling when and if the 32gb or the 64gb versions will be launched here in the future.

I would prefer to get the 32gb version but at the same time, I wasn't surprised about the current situation which was the same situation with the launch of the Galaxy S3 months ago. The 32gb S3 became available in the Samsung mobile stores here around 3 months following the launch of the 16gb version here. Here's hoping the Note 2 will follow suit.

2) I can't buy a Note 2 from the store here, I have to wait till the official launch date which is the 20th. However, according to the staff, M1's main outlet at Paragon will start selling it from 6pm onwards on the 19th and pre-orders start on the same day. Looks like I'll have to endure my impatience till then. Bummer, I was really looking forward to buying one from the store (can't get it on contract with my telco since my contract still has a Iong way to go, so I'm free to get the new Note on retail from anywhere. I'm a free man in this regard, nevermind the higher cost I'll have to pay).

Anyway, the staff couldn't give me any info on the pricing since that hasn't been officially released yet. I'm guessing it should be between 800 bucks plus to 900 bucks or so on retail. We'll see.

Yup, I'm prepared to let my S3 go to get the Note 2 in its place, I've made up my mind about this already. Um, I got my S3 like almost 4 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I really like my S3 and I think it's awesome, it's just that I've concluded the Note 2 can do so much more and cater to my mobile needs better, based on the online reviews I've seen and read so far, at least.

Still, I can't help but feel adulterous about it.

-De Lion Speaks

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