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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final Blog Post For 2013

It's 192 minutes to the new year at the exact time I started this blog post (I had to count several times using my calculator app just to make sure 'cause my mathematics sucks).

Have you managed to cross off all your resolutions for 2013 by now? If you did, you really ought to give yourself a hearty and encourging pat on the back. Congratulations :)

For me, I didn't manage to cross off every of my resolutions since I still owe myself several backlogged blog entries for several of my overseas trips. I've managed to finish all other blog entries though. Man, travel blogs are fun but they eat up the most time but that's only because to me, if I go on an overseas trip and focus only on the shopping, then I'll consider it a wasted half-assed trip.

It's a big world out there with a lot more to discover than just what's selling in the shops and boutiques - cultures, living conditions, way of life, taboos, societal mentalities of foreign lands, histories and such, among other discoveries, are learning opportunities for broadening your horizon that shouldn't be neglected if you have the chance to come face-to-face with them.

Compare the differences between yours and theirs and that's when the magic usually happens. If there is a Third Eye for traveling adventures, that's how you open it, me think.

Since you took the trouble to fly over there, you might as well breathe the experiences all in beyond the shopping. Detailing such things though, can take lots of time but I certainly think they are well worth it even if you end up not being fast enough in compiling them and have to watch them spill over into the next following year where you backlog them back into the previous year or even years before. I'll have to do that and I'll have to hustle.

Anyway, don't beat yourself up if you've tried and still see unaccomplished resolutions in your to-do list for 2013, for a new year is not just a new beginning, it's a new opportunity too. As long as you still have breath in you, you can still write and you can still do. And you can still accomplish.

Just keep moving and try not to be so damned slow like yours truly, ugh.

Happy New Year and Happy 2014, world.

-De Lion Speaks

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Stupid Reminder That Isn't Completely Stupidly Unimportant. Whatever, I Don't Know How To Title This One.

They say there is no cure for stupidity. But if you manage to drag everyone around you down to the same level of stupidity, then stupidity becomes the standard norm and accepted norm and accepted standards require no cure.

This, my friends, is a stupid post.

Whatever, 2014 is only a hair's breadth away, so I hope everyone has checked off all your resolutions for 2013 by now already. Better go Speedo Deedo and get cracking now if your list is having any leftovers.

Time - If you don't become friends with it, it becomes your worst enemy after yourself. Not an easy feat to accomplish, you need to give it time. Oh wait.

-De Lion Speaks

Friday, December 20, 2013

'Tis The Season To Remember The Human Touch

Since young, my dear sister has been telling me that talking to me sometimes gives her headaches. The point is; when it comes to family, there should always be room for being free and silly. The family that laughs together enjoys being together. Paracetamol be damned.

Get off the computer, get off your smartphone and tablet for awhile and go give your family and loved ones a big hug and tickles, Christmas is coming afterall. 'Tis the season for strengthening bonds and spreading good cheer and goodwill - not just digitally over bits & bytes.

Taking occasional breaks from things like social media and meeting up with and touching people for real in real life will do us all a lot of good and ground us back to the human factor.

The world is still a wonderfully big place, don't limit your mind and vision to just the size of a screen, for good things around you do exist and they shouldn't be neglected.

Happy Holidays, fellow humans.

-De Lion Speaks

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Between The Galaxy Note's Multi-Windows and Pen Window

I'm the sort who can't sit still while listening to live streaming radio - when songs I don't find nice get played or when DJs turn bimbotic, I'll cruise around the different stations till I can settle at something I like (preferably Hard Rock, Metal, Blues or Jazz).

Along with things like messaging apps which you need to access frequently but which you can just momentarily forget about and leave in the background until the next message comes in while you continue working on your main project, can't-sit-still streaming radio works better in Pen Window as compared to Multi-Windows.

That's because Pen Window allows your main project to remain in full-screen mode when you don't need your secondary stuff to be visible and sharing screen space all the time. Multi-Windows, on the other hand, works best for cross-app reference work. They both have their places.

Best thing is, you can activate both Multi-Windows and multiple Pen Windows together if you need powered-up combos like in Street Fighter. So between the Galaxy Note's Multi-Windows and Pen Window is a mobile multi-tasker's dream come true.

Oh, you might wanna root your Note device so that you can hack your Pen Window to allow any app you want to be used by it, since the meagre default 8 pre-determined apps ought to make any serious multi-tasker go 'Tsk'. The same 'Tsk' factor can also be said for unrooted and unhacked Multi-Windows.

Come on Samsung,​ be a bigger hero and port Pen Window over to the Galaxy Note 8.0 already. 감사합니다.

-De Lion Speaks