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Sunday, November 28, 2010

When Time Becomes An Issue, You Do It On The Go

So I used to blog using this free but powerful web server at 50webs. Free because I do not believe in paying a single cent just to write about my life story, server maintenance issues notwithstanding; that's the Internet's problem, not mine

Powerful because I could insert my own Flash animations with audio & music I made which, coupled with Dreamweaver, was almost a blogging control freak's wet dream come true of controlling in the most freakish manner, everything down to the very last pixel. And I could create direct download links to the game mod files I created & stored in my blog's server. Now that kicked ass.

Add all these up & you get a Blogger's high that transcends that of the almightiness of Doodle God.

BUT, with great power comes great hassle. Sure, you could create the flashiest Flash of the time period for every single blog entry, but unless you are retired, you will find yourself up against the wall in terms of energy & time spent (more like a lack thereof).

..Especially if you are a non-single full-time working adult like me. I mean, I love recording the occurrences of every single day of my life for memory's sake, but trying to get fancy even with prepared visual candy-coated templates can get tiresome. Hardcore bloggers have their moments of disillusionment too. Who says the thousand-yard-stare was invented by Vietnam War veterans? Cavemen already started blogging on cave walls when wars were fought with sticks & stones that could break my bones.

I'm not saying the blogging of my everyday life on its own is a tiresome affair. It's just that during those blogging years without the advancement in mobile phone technology, one is limited to only having the capacity to blog when one is in front of a computer.

Which sucks because firstly, as things happen, you just wish that you could have a device on hand that follows you everywhere you go just like your shadow and record things down as they occur. Then later in the day, when something else happens, you could continue recording from where you left off previously.


A blog is simply the accumulated recordings of daily occurrences or thoughts or ideas & convenience ought to be everybody's friend in this area.

Sure, there's always the pen & paper to jot things down first, but if you have to write down & then retype on the keyboard what you have written, that's double work and double work is stupid & such inefficient stupidity is meant only for MNCs.

Sure, you can manually write things down in point form & then type them out in detail in front of the computer later but you risk not remembering correctly certain details or the proper order of things. Besides, the lesser use of paper helps save more trees.
Go Green

So, the ability to record things on the go has an invaluable advantage: the fresher the memory at the time of recording, the more accurate & correct the details & information will be. Just so happens that we all have a finite amount of grey matter that depreciates with the passage of time.

So yeah, memories; the building blocks of blogs, are like beer. The longer you leave them untouched, the flatter & staler they become. Sip them quickly & they taste their absolute best, hic.

So I have decided to switch from my fancier computer-generated blog to this much much simpler blog. Why? Because of my iPhone and the BlogPress app. So my phone has taken on the role of that missing shadow I wish I had which could follow me everywhere I go, facilitating the ease of recording things or thoughts as they occur while keeping my beer, er, memories fresh as they get translated into blog entries, no matter where I may happen to be.

Only exception would be while I'm in the shower, I suppose. Get your iPhone sporting the wet look & Apple will suddenly deny you as a paying customer, even if you waved that warranty card in their faces.

So, I guess that with such mobility made possible by the current mobile technology, the advanced flashy eye candies such as animated Flash which can only be crafted properly on computers will have to be sacrificed if I choose this mobile platform. Oh, the Cynic in me just told me just as well, since I've already forgotten most of what I've learned about Flash & Dreamweaver after all these years of grey matter depreciation anyway. How timely.

But hey, when it comes to blogging, it's the thought that counts.. Above everything else, even though everything else would be nice to have.

Mobile blogging on the go

- De Lion Speaks

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