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Saturday, October 1, 2011

QoL Event - Day 2

Today was the second day of the Qualities of Life event and I made it there on time by direct bus instead of blowing money on a cab, yeehar.

And it seems like I don't have to be so long-winded about this day since the situation today was the same as yesterday's: not enough crowd flow, dismal sales and the continuation of us shooting the breeze. Jace was on duty today and Charmaine & Daxin came by later in the day to visit us (they were off duty) and it was great having them around.

The travel fair
There was a travel fair going on in the exhibition hall next to ours. Since me & my Lioness have planned for an overseas trip in January and I was undecided if we should go to Korea, Europe or the U.S. of A., I popped over to the travel fair and got my hands on travel brochures & free magazines about those 3 places.

Admittedly, looking at the brochures and magazines made me more undecided since there is always something exciting and places worth visiting and experiencing in every country. I was feeling really squeezed: so many places I wanna visit, too little time, limited paid leave days and too much work to commit to..

All these just to make sure I have the funds for my livelihood, funds for my hobbies and funds to go traveling to satisfy my wanderlust and be torn between having to make choices regarding which, among several countries, I should visit with my Lioness because of the lack of time, limited paid leave days and too much work to commit to.

What a lovely vicious cycle :) I like it and am thankful for it; it's great to have choices and the ability to travel once in awhile, thank the good Lord for that.

Lunch today was chicken rice and again, I propped my food up on the display shelves and me & my colleagues munched away with nary a care in the world in front of everyone else.

I came to know the dentist occupying the neighboring booth from ours and his female sales manager came over to chat with me several times. That drew some raised eyebrows from my colleagues, heh. Jane kept insisting that sales manager had the hots for me. Like I said, we had nothing better to do given the dismal crowd situation.

When evening came, I got hungry and helped myself to the last remaining box of chicken rice nobody ate and that reminded Jason that it was already dinner time. So he proceeded to buy dinner for everyone and told me he would get fresh dinner for me since he was feeling guilty I was feeding myself with leftover lunch but I declined his offer. The chicken rice still tasted good and I told Jane who was manning our cash register: "我很容易养的."

Once again, we packed up before 20:00pm and split. Charmaine & Daxin already left some time during the afternoon. When I reached the ground floor of Suntec City, Miss Psychedelic called me up and said she wanted to hang out with me at Tawandang. So we did and took the following pic there showcasing my camaraderie with my buddy:

It's a dangerous thing hanging out with Miss Psychedelic: we always end up going home at a much later time than planned since we always have too many things to chat about. This meeting up with her was no exception. Jason told me I can report at 10:45am tomorrow.

By the time when I thought I would miss the last bus if I still hung around with Miss P at around 23:20pm, I forced myself to tell her I had to split. So she drove me to my bus stop behind Peninsula Plaza and I managed to catch the bus home.

By the time I got home, it was already way past midnight. After I've showered, washed my hair and waited for it to dry before I could hop into bed, I only had a few hours of sleep left before I had to wake up for work at Suntec City again.

Yeah, I was late for work the next day, heh.

- De Lion Speaks

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