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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello, iGalaxy Note

First, the tech news regarding the subject matter for today's blog entry here.

As a consumer who is neither on Apple's or Samsung's payroll and at the same time, not being an unquestioning blind worshipper of brands, I don't actually have to care about who copies who. All I care about ultimately is having the best possible features and functionalities on my gadgets and devices.

To me, myself and I, my own and my loved ones' needs are most important to me and I don't have to have a shred of worry about the coffers of giant corporations I don't draw a single cent from, since they ought to be able to take care of themselves miles better than I can take care of myself with the gargantuan dough they possess, you see.

However, if you are the biggest jerk and bully in the playground who is always elbowing and shoving your way around attempting to monopolise the entire playground and behaving like an entitled spoilt brat, even uncaring but discerning folks will start to shun and loathe you. So..

If it wasn't for their patent sprees, I'd have said: "Go for the multi-window, Apple. That's what tablets deserve, thumbs up".

But because Apple has been the industry's biggest hypocritical patent troll, litigating against those whom they perceive as copycats while unapologetically, copying from those they sue.. Well, just to be in line with and in accordance to Apple's ethos for relevancy here, I'll instead go with:

You ought to shove your litigations up your own 'where the sun doesn't shine' place for copying Samsung for this, Apple. May your so-called 'multi-tasking' on your iGalaxy-Note-Wannabe choke on its dimunitive RAM.

That is all :)

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