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Monday, February 8, 2016

Tim Cook's 'Shot On iPhone' Photo

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, posted on Twitter an awfully shot photo taken on his iPhone that you can see and read about here. Man, what an eyesore in 2016 that makes you question if what you are seeing was actually produced from a cheapo handheld shooter from the early 80's that's about to croak.

Yup, Tim got ridiculed for it in a parallel vein as how certain ridiculous things ought to be ridiculed; things like, say, trying to patent the mobile tech industry's standard norms like 'rectangles with rounded corners' while keeping it under the dirty carpet the plain and simple fact that that's actually a petty attempt at monopoly in order to slow down, or stop competitors altogether who innovate at a faster surpassing rate. It's like: if you are starting to lag behind and are having trouble keeping pace with them, stretch your leg out and trip them over.

For those of you who claim that you love tech, what do you think will happen to the industry as a whole in the long run if Apple succeeds in their petty litigations? The patent war may be contained mostly in a certain specific territory but the victor can experience spurred bloodlust that can come with victory to conquer even more territories - akin to a spreading disease, especially if the victor is unapologetically arrogant, feels entitled and happens to have enough moolah ammo because they also happen to be one of the world's most valuable companies. I think that's something those who care about the mobile tech industry ought to give a thought about.

To be fair though, even a really great mobile camera like the one you find on the Galaxy S6 and Note 5, can generate blurry photos too with the wrong photo-taking technique (like moving your arms and hands around too much under low light conditions when taking shots). But this eyesore from Apple's High Priest CEO, even though he's human too and can sometimes take lousy photos like anybody else, but who has the option not to upload a poorly taken shot on the Internet for the whole world to see and cause everybody's eyes to get tortured?

Perhaps Tim Cook got carried away with adrenaline rushes in the heat of the moment and couldn't keep his hands steady, but those of us who are prudent enough know enough to preview and QC-check our photos first before posting them online, right? This ought to be especially so for the head honcho of a company that keeps boasting about how industry-leading the cameras of their products can perform and even has a dedicated 'Shot On iPhone' photos category on their official website that showcases such.

A Tweeter user responded straight to Tim Cook by suggesting that Tim use a Samsung phone instead to nail down a good photo. Ouch. If I happened to be in the process of drinking something during the moment I was reading that, my phone's screen would end up soaking wet before I realized it. This Tweeter user deserves the 'most in-your-face sound advice that punches hard right in the gut' crowning award. It would be funnier if he or she happens to be a lawyer.

It's just another blurry photo and it doesn't affect me except tickle my funny bone unapologetically, honestly. You see, Apple no longer gets my money ever since they started their litigation spree and the iPhone's camera is no longer at the apex's most sharpest top end spot of the food chain anyway. Shrugs.

"It just works."

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