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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Little Update

I haven't been blogging much lately and the few recent entries have been made days or even weeks after from when they happened. I mentioned somewhere in this blog that it's best to make the blog entries as soon as their events occur to ensure the best accuracy.

Guess I couldn't keep up with myself lately and that's not a good thing. But at least I have the photos to jog my memories. Anyhow, I need to change things and get back to writing the blog entries on the very same day their events occur. Shouldn't be too hard as long as I slow down my life a little to allow myself to keep pace with myself.

I'm typing this while sitting inside the cinema at Jurong Point with my Lioness waiting for Breaking Dawn to start. It's my first time starting a blog entry while in a cinema, how refreshing. Yeah, I should really try to blog at more odd and exotic places to keep the flames of passion for blogging burning.

Oh, the movie previews are showing now, so laters...


The movie has ended. I thought Dakota Fanning would be starring in this one but she only appeared for like half a second during a flashback scene. Talk about cheated >:(

I'm now continuing with this entry at the basketball court near our block after making sure my Lioness has gone back home safely. It's a nice & breezy night. Hope it won't rain near dawn though, I'm thinking of going for a run. I've always preferred running during midnight at Jalan Bahar though, but ever since the sole 24 hours coffeeshop there changed hands, it's no longer 24 hours.

So running during midnight when the coffeeshop has already closed would leave me stranded, since I always buy a cup of ice water there after my run followed by a packet of coffee to be enjoyed at the dark and quiet playground there.

Bugger that. Change is not always a good thing.

So how have I been lately? Heh, took me that long to cut to the chase here. I've been OK but tired out lately and I'm waiting for January 7th when me & my Lioness will be going for our Korea trip. Time crawls when you're counting on it and I've been waiting for the tour agency to call me for updates regarding the trip. If they don't give me a ring by mid December tops, I'm gonna go clamping down on their asses.

As for my work, my Sales Manager Jason & Product Manager Luke told me that I'm gonna have more marketing responsibilities piled on me next year. Jason is gonna brief me about that some time in December. I hope that won't affect my mood for Korea since I've always disliked marketing activities. I still prefer what I'm doing now: sales.

I told Jason that no matter what happens, don't take me out of the field since serving my customers directly is my passion and having kind wonderful folks for customers helps so much. And I've told Luke that work-life balance is my motto and inevitably, he asked me about my ambitions (Reading between his lines: or a lack thereof). Sheesh, of course I have ambitions. I told him my ambition is to have an expanded product range for a start.

It's a matter of balancing ambition with what I aspire and require out of my life and balanced with my limitations. I told Luke that I'd rather not be promoted or have a salary increment than have an unbalanced work-life lifestyle and fail to meet up with the new expectations expected of me by the company.

You only live once. If I earn less, I'll just live within my means. I need time for my own personal pursuits too outside of work. Having just 2 days out of 7 for rest and personal pursuits is not too much to ask for. There's such a thing as self-actualization and personal goals outside of career. It's called 'having a life'. Just ask Maslow. I hope Jason & Luke understand what I'm trying to point out to them.

Another thing: I've finished the delayed maintenance of my main guitars which I've put off for some time. Well, except for my main workhorse, my Washburn N4. That's only one guitar left to go and I should be able to finish the job tomorrow. As for the rest of my main axes, they are now sporting spanking new looks. This one big heavy stone is almost completely lifted off my chest.

And finally, I've lost some weight. Deliberately. I'm not fat at all and my friends have been telling me I'm still slim. I just enjoy feeling good about it and I prefer the way I look when I'm slimmer than I already am. All the skipped meals and cutting down on meal portions helped lots. Besides, why wait till you are all bloated up to start managing your weight? The Path of Least Resistance is the best way to go.

Well, that's it for the little update of my current life's situation. In conclusion: I'm still alive & kicking, sorry to disappoint you. I hope that Life is treating you well, dear gentle reader.

And by the way, if you have never watched the previous movies in the Twilight series, don't bother with Breaking Dawn and end up scratching your brain's casing in confusion. You won't be able to understand the tail if you have never seen the head and upper torso. Or something.

- De Lion Speaks

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