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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mum's Birthday

It's mum's birthday today. When the Mother Hen is having her birthday, she will gather her chicks some place for a celebration. So this year, we went over to Buffet Town at Raffles City shopping centre for buffet lunch.

Man, I gotta say; there is really a huge buffet spread over here with selections like Italian dishes, Japanese dishes, local dishes, etc.. So much that I initially couldn't decide what to eat. Heck, I couldn't even tell if I had actually sampled them all. If you are not watching your waistline, you ought to have a good time here.

As for tastes, just like it is with all buffets, there will be dishes that you will find yummylicious and other dishes that you will find not so great or even yucky. But I'm glad to say that overall, the food here ain't bad at all and I didn't come across any dish with the Yuck factor.

Side dish goodie:

When I was done with the eating, I took a stroll around the restaurant and came across the awesome artwork on the wall tucked in a corner further inside the restaurant. The artwork depicts some cool things about Tokyo living. Here's one more for your viewing pleasure:

Happy Birthday, mum.

We love you and thanks for bringing us up and thanks for all the selfless sacrifices you've made for us.

Quick, go give your mum a mighty hug. She deserves that and more.

- De Lion Speaks

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