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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Keeping Things Organised The Android Way

Home screens can make or break you. Beats me as to why some peeps allow everything to go all over the darned place like spilled guts and bogging themselves down, taking forever just to hunt down that app or file they happen to need. So you go dictator on your device and contain and categorise everything. It's called 'Folders' and 'Widgets', Hitler.

I'm only using 2 active home screen pages - a main one (pic on the left above) just for show while the other contains every shebang living in my phone. That's it. Less is more here. The 2nd page still looks kinda messy but I'm still hunting for that wallpaper that won't make things look so cluttered.

All thanks to the broad customisable functionalities of Android and the handy Widget apps. They save lives and deserve the Nobel Peace award.

Your home screen sure as heck is a reflection of the state of your room at home, eh? Correct me if I'm wrong.

- De Lion Speaks

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