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Friday, February 14, 2014

Celebrate Love

It's Valentine’s Day when Cupid gets on a full shift. Lots of dudes with flowers in their hands making self-deliveries and lots of smiling girls and women with bouquets or kawaii soft toys in their hands on the streets today. It's a lovely sight that is making me smile.

Takes a deep breath..

  • For all my exes, I wish all of you well and hope that every single one of you is already happily married. Thank you for the experience and for having helped me grow. I hope I've helped you too.

  • For the women who could have had a relationship with me but didn't because the lack of communication eventually drifted us apart, thank you for auto-filtering yourself out of my life so that we didn't have to waste anymore of each other's time. I wish you well too.

  • For the women I've dumped, I'm sorry. I didn't think I was good enough for you or vice versa, thus the call for initiative. No longer anyone's fault by now and I hope all wounds have healed. Peace. And be well.

  • And for the woman I love and who loves me too and who walks and skips with me every step of the way, I love you more than alllllll the posts spam that exist on Facebook. Don't bother counting, you just can't - It would be as impossible as trying to count the stars in the night sky. Speaking of which, I think everyone should move on from Facebook unless you happen to enjoy getting mentally numbed by frivoulous social nonsense. I think my Dungeon Master would be in approval of my attack of opportunity.

Happy Valentine's Day :) Have a wonderful one.

And if you are not attached, remember: If you can love yourself and then extend that to someone else, you give others a chance to love you too.

Always start with the person you see in the mirror and learn to give while you take, for a relationship that works is always a 2-way street.

-De Lion Speaks 

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