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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taking Vertigo To New Heights

I have a fear of heights (and I'm a tall dude, go figure). So to me, these guys are taking all things dizzying beyond the extreme:

From 2:50 onwards, I could feel my balls rising upwards toward my throat. Just wait till you see the part when they reached the end point of their climb. Your mileage may vary but this is just fucking insane. At the same time, hats off these guys.

And to think they needed to climb all the way down again which ought to have been even more harrowing, considering what's left of the energy expended for the climb up and they had to look all the way down every step of the way.. The drop downwards means certain death, you see. Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares right back at you and freaks you out.

No harness, no safety belt, no parachute.. Good grief, I wouldn't have the nerve to do this even if you paid me half a million bucks. The ONLY way I'd be willing to do this unwillingly is if somebody points a gun to the head of a loved one and forces me to do so. But you can be sure I'll fucking frag the muthafucker's ass when I'm done and bury him alive by puking my vertigo all over him from head to toe.. If I manage to survive, that is.

Oh bloody heck, why am I thinking such thoughts? Goodness forbid! It's amazing and uncanny what a video can do to your head. More accurately speaking, it's the evocation of your inner fears by just watching the video that throws you off center. I can't decide here if both are probably just as guilty as charged. Well, at least one of them is the accomplice of the other.

Gotta mention that I liked the first-person point of view in the video when they started the climb, it reminded me of playing Half-Life and I was half expecting those hands to pull out an MP5 with a grenade launcher attached ala Gordon Freeman style.

And I'm not exactly sure why I would label this one under 'Entertainment'. I guess it's probably because I'm mighty impressed despite the vertigo.

In other news: 4 more days to my freedom bird back to Taipei - Gotta replenish my wardrobe and escape the furnace and the shit we have for weather here in the tropical belt to enjoy yummylicious cold weather again. My annual therapy.

-De Lion Speaks

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