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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Mac Pro in 1 Minute And 11 Seconds

Apple? No.

Not every video carries a great punch at the very end. Yes, you should dump your cigarette butts into ash trays. You shouldn't feel bad about using shells that house crippled and limiting tech which ties up your hands as ash trays - especially when they DO resemble ash trays.

And when it comes to technology, one shouldn't give one's money away to feed lawyers in the service of those who are all too happy to impede tech's progress because they are now playing catch up and who think they invented and own everything under the sun. That would defeat the purpose and eventually, boomerang right back atcha - walled gardens can end up as prisons and ecosystems can be quicksand in disguise.

We've all heard of people who can't break away from the Apple ecosystem because of money invested. To make themselves feel better about it, some shut their eyes and minds to alternatives and convince themselves on a level no different from self-hypnosis that the prison they are trapped in is the best of all prisons. There are others who stay willingly because they genuinely like it and that's cool. It's the former group that is pitiful.

Apple? No. That is all.

-De Lion Speaks

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