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Saturday, June 21, 2014

When 'Babies' Do Metal

What Girls' Generation? Ha! That which works more effectively than 10 energy drinks combined:

Boy, adrenaline rushes caused by fast & furious music can leave one hungry after. Say, need a bite?

Feeling weird that these kids can rock it out to head-banging, guitar distortion-riddled music injected with thunderous drumming on aural steroids instead of singing that which is supposed to be politically-correct music?

I'll take the head-banging over wimpy aural political-correctness any day; One treads a unique path lesser travelled and sets itself apart while the other jumps on the main bandwagon like sheeps to the slaughter. Sturgeon's Law makes for a great guide in Life.

*Drama Mode Off*

Nah, that was a little too heavy (no pun intended) handed, just enjoy whatever music you like listening to. I still think one Babymetal song is a lot more interesting and exciting than an entire Girls' Generation concert. Cough.

-De Lion Speaks

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