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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Multitasking and Men

So I came across the following small (and smug) poster pasted above the urinal in the Gents':

I'm not sure about the validity of the message on it which proclaims men to be poor at multitasking and at the same time, I wonder about the credibility of the so-called study which brought about the conclusion.

Screenshot Rebuttal

I guess some sexist attempts at humour can end up being as dry and rather.. inept like a certain mobile operating system. I wouldn't be surprised if whoever made this poster turns out to be an iOS user, considering how multitasking seems to be a concept alien to him or her. Poor thing. Shrugs. I'm a guy who multitasks and I consider myself to be quite good at it, so I guess I oughta know.

Er, I hope he or she can take a joke should he or she ever come across this post. Or at least pretend to - just like how I forced a chuckle out of myself regarding this. You know, basic courtesy and all that, despite how rather lame you think some things mentioned to you seem to be.

Anyhoos, it wouldn't have been that easy taking a leak while bursting into laughter at the same time.

(Update from the future: For some reason, the poster got removed from where I found it. Good, now I can relief myself there without having to feel like being on the receiving end of sexual discrimination that tries to be funny. How very.. relieving.)

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