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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh Look, The Phones That Make Lawyers Rich Since The Galaxy S3

Watched the new iPhone 6+ bend test video this morning and came across the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in the shop.

The voice in my head tells me:
"It's costly. It's supposed to be premium.. It apparently bends rather easily. Premium."

So I was tempted to do my own bend tests right on the spot with these 2 mofos:

But I decided not to get into trouble and ending up contributing directly or indirectly to the coffers of a sue-happy company so that they could have more ammo for more rectangular patents with rounded corners and impede the tech industry further via lawsuits.

It's nice walking away with a clear conscience. Worth it too, considering 2012 is so history already.

That's not to say the iPhones are bad phones, they are still basically good at what they do, albeit iOS being still a limited walled garden even though Apple has decided to open a couple of doors with iOS 8.

But in my non-fiction book, using that which is playing catchup means going backwards in time but that's just me. Your mileage may vary and that's fine. Just deem me wrong if so, I can live with that and we can agree to disagree. More power to you if you find that your iPhone serves you well.

I actually have nothing against the iDevices but as far as I'm concerned though, I just refuse to feed the mobile industry's biggest patent troll. They who try to trip others from moving ahead usually end up behind the race.

But hey, make no mistake, Apple is still gonna be making load$ of dough with the new iPhone$. I think I've mentioned somewhere before that Sturgeon's Law is still very much alive and operational.

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