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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going Back To Tokyo

Big Boss gave those of us in the Sales & Marketing departments a challenge last year: if we can hit a certain overall sales target for 2010, then we will be on our way to Tokyo for an incentive trip. If we hit 80 or 90%, then we'll go to South Korea instead.

Well, we hit the 100% mark, so it's off to Tokyo we go tonight. So this evening, me, the Specialist Team, the GP Team & the Product Managers made our way down to the airport to catch our flight.

Had to finish packing my luggage at the last minute just now while doing face mask at the same time and the rush was quite exhausting and I think I didn't have enough sleep too. No matter, going to Japan is a fashion show for me, so I ignored the tiredness & concentrated on packing the cool clothes I'll need everyday there, especially for Akihabara.

Big Boss came down to send us off and that was really a very nice gesture on his part. So we took a group photo at the airport.

WhatsApped one of my key customers to discuss about the souvenirs she would like me to get. She was really nice about it and in the end, we settled for me choosing for her the souvenirs according to my convenience. So I made up my mind to get something really nice and unique for her.

Called my Little Rabbit before boarding and off we go. I have to catch up on my sleep in the plane since upon touchdown the next morning, we will be hitting the scenes straight without going to the hotel until the end of the day.

It feels good to be making my way back to Nihon and my only regret is that we cannot bring our spouses. But at least some of my colleagues can also double as drinking buddies, so it ain't so bad even though I know I'll miss someone really badly.

- De Lion Speaks

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