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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm at Santa Fe Tex-Mex again. Same table, same view, same mood, same Heineken, same solitude. Everybody needs a sanctuary and Santa Fe has become my sanctuary in town. I find myself always coming here at the end of the day everytime I finish serving my customers in town. It's never crowded here at all. The less people there are, the better sanctuaries work to ease one's mind.. sometimes, the soul too.

My mind is troubled. So is my heart. Coldness is the reason and I don't mean temperature-coldness. It's the human factor kind of coldness. That is much worse.

If I feel physically cold, I can wear something to warm myself, but how do you protect yourself from coldness of the heart? I wanted to have dinner, but before I could ask, the cold hit me like an avalanche.

So I had to step back and retreat to my sanctuary. I think I've had enough of this because it hurts.

- De Lion Speaks

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