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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lost In Tokyo

Never imagined I'd have another chance to be sitting here at Ovfeum Cafe and Cocktail Bar in Tokyo again. The time on my phone says it's 18:53 right now. Dusk falls early in Japan. The same bartender is still here. He looked puzzled when I told him I wanted the same outside seat I sat last time which is out in the freezing cold.

I was here almost a year ago. I'm staying in another hotel some distance away and it took me almost half a day to find this place. My previous attempts all failed. I became hopelessly lost. A roadside tourist map directory saved me. Would have given up if it hadn't been for it. Funny thing is, according to the map, this place is just around the vicinity like 3 minutes walk away from where I found the directory.

The Streets of Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Since we will be flying back tomorrow, I told myself I must find back this place by hook or by crook. For my memories sake as well as getting a Melody soft toy for my Lioness at the Sanrio shop here.

I'm missing someone terribly & it hurts.

So I chose to split with my colleagues to be alone today. Scoured the city looking for this place as well as hunting for souvenirs for the people I care about. My heart is heavy and every step of the way was a sigh from the core of my being.

Inside Nakau

I'm glad I found back Nakau where I had my first dinner in Tokyo during my virgin trip here almost a year ago. The place still looks exactly the same and their Nakau song that plays intermittently in the background is still the same cheery catchy tune.

After my dinner here, I went in search of Prince Hotel where I stayed the last time I was here and I found it. All the memories just came flooding back. Today has become a pilgrimage journey.

And Tokyu Hands.. never imagined I could have the chance to visit it again. Tokyu Hands sells everything about everything. Coming back here is like going back in time, only big difference is that I am back here all alone by myself. It's strange how I can feel wonderful & nostalgic about it while suffering a heartache at the same time.

I really feel like crying my heart out to ease the pain inside me but I won't. All I will do is to cheers myself, my memories and the girl haunting my mind every second of the entire trip, swallow hard that lump in my throat and wash it down with Heineken.

- De Lion Speaks

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