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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Badass J Rockers

Aggression can be a beautiful thing to behold sometimes, especially if it's coming from the fingers of a shredding badass Guitar Player. Jazz Maurry doesn't play the guitar, Jazz Maurry fucking attacks it:

And then, there's makmakmakochan, one of my current favorites. People online have been debating about 'her' gender and I have to admit 'she's' as sweet as a candy. I hope she's really a female, I would hate to have my bubble go POP on me.

A sweet candy with such angelic eyes that can rock so hard can really make a grown man go weak in the knees. The ability to shred like a speed demon underneath such beautiful innocence brings about butterflies in my stomach, which probably gives rise to and explains the condition of my buckling knees when I watch her play:

What I like about Japanese Rock music is their dynamic rhythm & melodies that can change in the blink of an eye to something different from the main structures of the songs and then bounce right back so smoothly to the main grooves again, all without getting out of hand or becoming discordant musically - it's like shots of fresh air interspaced throughout the songs; bits of pleasant musical surprises, if you will.

J-Rock simply Rocks.

- De Lion Speaks

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