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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cover Art For My Facebook Timeline

I've converted my Facebook page unintentionally to the Timeline version when I was frolicking with Soundcloud. There is no way to reverse the process short of probably paying David Zuckerman a visit in person and persuading him to turn back the Facebook clock.. which would be moot anyway since everybody who hasn't done so will have their Facebook page automatically converted to the Timeline version when the dateline is up. Those not willing to do so will be dragged there kicking & screaming and howls of protest shall fall on deaf ears.

Since I was notified by Facebook that my Timelined page will publish itself on the 10th whether I accept it or not, I figured it would be inappropriate for that to happen without a personalized cover art. So I fired up Photoshop, made the following cover pic, fed it through my iPhone app to add in the labels of my webpages, fed it back to Photoshop to add in some distortion filters and uploaded the whole thing on my Facebook page:

I think the whole process took me around 40 minutes but it could have been much shorter since I'm as picky as heck. Just when I've finished my cover pic once, another idea struck and I repeated the whole process. That happened like around 3 times or so.
Just like the banner of my blog here, I'll change the pictures in my Facebook's cover art periodically, since I can get sick of looking at my own same old pictures over time.
And also because it's fun ✔

Update: As of the 12th of February, I've changed my blog's URL address to the current one.

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