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Sunday, February 12, 2012

First Attempt: Using My Washing Machine

I'm now living alone for a couple days. And when you live alone, you have to take care of yourself and know how to wash your own clothes. Sure, I have a top-load washing machine in my kitchen for like 6 years already but it will just end up as a decoration if I don't learn how to use it.

My washing machine.
It says 'Twin Air' there but no hurricane ensued.
Now that was embarrassing. Yup, I don't know how to use my own washing machine and so I learn. At least I'm willing to start. Better wash late than never. All these while, I didn't have to wash my own clothes for myself but now I do.

So I went to Google to search for how one goes about using a top-load washing machine. I didn't come across anything concrete enough to help me and so I went to YouTube, figuring that a video ought to give me better learning since things are reinforced visually. I found the following video and memorized the tips & how-tos:

Noob, you say? Damn straight.

My best friend Joe had to live by himself in his own house during the early 90s. He told me back then: "When you have to live alone, you treat yourself as going through basic military training. You learn the skills you need to take care of yourself and you survive yourself."

His words from back then echo through my mind as I make my way now to my kitchen and begin to start operating on my washing machine. I can even see the scenario in my mind as it happened then; him holding on to his toothbrush in front of me in his kitchen while giving me one of the best survival advice I've ever received.

So after taking forever to figure out why my washer failed to power on when I saw that the plug next to it was already on and then realizing that there is another plug I had to power on, I began to apply the steps I've learned from that video, chose the clothes that won't make me go on a rampage should they be destroyed by a washing experiment gone awry, dumped them into the washing machine and taking a deep breath, I begin to push the 'Start' button and the washing process begins..

About 30 minutes later...
Well, whaddya know, my very first virgin wash turned out just fine and my clothes even smell quite alright. One thing I can't figure out is whether it was correct that I poured the fabric conditioner at the base of the washing machine instead of inside this little box up-top labeled 'Softener'. No matter, my clothes seem fine and after hanging them up to dry, I started to proceed with the second load of clothes, including those that matter to me which I can't afford for the washer to ruin.

Well, that didn't turn out to be as complicated as I thought it would be. I'm making this blog entry in case I need to refer to the video again and just in case someone out there is living alone too trying to figure out the same thing.

Happy washing. No, the washer won't explode if you do anything wrong as I've found out for myself. So what did I do wrong or what did I do which I wasn't supposed to?

Well, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity about how the world inside the washer looked like when it was working on the clothes, so I lifted the lid while it was doing its job halfway through and it immediately gave off what sounded like creaks of machinery protest. That was an 'Oops' moment but machine, fabric & Man survived without a scratch in the end.

- De Lion Speaks

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