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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Happiness

It's early morning and the sun hasn't even fully crawled its way up to the sky overhead yet. I hate the dawn and I hate mornings, they always make me slide into Grouch Mode™.

But as I'm lying in my bed browsing through my email inboxes that are all covered with cobwebs by now, I came across this mail sent 2 days ago which is the reason why I'm flashing a happy smile on my face right now:

So Grouch Mode just went away. Some time during December last year, a YouTuber with the handle 'BBQworst023' requested me to make a Comfortably Dumb (by Extreme) tutorial based on an older video with sucky recording quality of me playing the song, which is this one:

So after I've received the request and once I could manage to as soon as I could, I got off my ass, picked up my modded N2 which I've named 'Little Storm' and made the tutorial video, which is the following video mentioned in the email above:

MightyATB is from the United Kingdom and I think he or she is prone to exaggeration. No, I'm not that good a guitar player, there are still lots of room I know I can strive to improve on.

But still, it feels really good to know that your videos are helping other guitar players out there or liked by non guitar players. That makes me glad :)
I'll need to rack up my practice sessions.

Much much later in the day..

It's now late evening and I'm making my way home from work in town and I'm having another reason to smile :)

My customer and friend who is a well-travelled person and who is working in Plaza Singapura gave me the gifts you see in the pic there when I went for a store visit at his store just now. He just came back recently and he bought those for me.

He mentioned that he is sure that wallet there is made of genuine leather but his dad is harboring the opposite opinion. Truth is, it doesn't matter to me at all if it's real leather or not. What matters most is that it's the thought that really counts and it's precisely that that's making me happy.

Thanks, Josh. I appreciate it :)

Well, so that's 2 happy things that have made my day a wonderful one and for some rare reason, the weather today just made it even better with its agreeable cooling supporting role. That's a rarity here in the tropics.

I like how my day went today. Hope you've had a wonderful one too.

- De Lion Speaks

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