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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Update

The time now is 02:24 in the middle of the night and I'm in Taipei with my Lioness. In fact, it's the last night of our 7 days, 6 nights trip. 2 days before our Taipei trip, I flew home from Seoul (company incentive trip).

I have quite a load of blog entries backlog I owe myself here.. and I've tendered my resignation with my company. Yeah, there are loads of happenings to update and since I only have a few working days left before I start clearing my leftover annual leaves all the way, I should be able to catch up with myself eventually and by the time I get to the blog entry regarding the last day of my current Taipei trip (which is the date of this particular blog entry), this little update will vanish and be replaced by it.

Yup, things have been interesting from January till this month - lots of heartaches, nerve-wrecking decisions and all the drama. But there have been some little gems too. You know what they say: Life is like a kitchen which sometimes produces yummylicious food and sometimes, it produces food that leaves a bad taste in your mouth on a bad day.

Actually, nobody said that but you catch my drift. Stay cool, stay tuned.

Greetings from Taipei

- De Lion Speaks

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