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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Distance Cannot Impede Inspiration

My goodness, something happened today that blew my mind and I had to pick up the blown pieces off the floor and put them back in into my consciousness.

There is a famous Taiwanese girl by the name of 陳曼青 (Blue Vela, also known as Vela Blue, 小藍) who busks in Taipei as well as performing in Taiwan's variety shows and music competitions. She mostly plays the drums but she can also sing & play the synthesizer. The last time when I went to Taipei, I bumped into her and watched her play in real-life. Watching her play always makes me feel like picking up my guitar to practice. Drums are different instruments from guitars but her musicianship & mastery of her instruments are infectious elements that flow across boundaries. I think that in itself can even influence other non-musical areas of life & undertakings.

What I'm trying to say is that she inspires me.

So I was browsing through Facebook when I suddenly chanced upon her Facebook page. So it goes without saying that I requested to be added to her Facebook friends list.

And then it happened. Later in the day, I received the notification that she has accepted my friend request and she liked that link to my blog I've hyperlinked above regarding my last trip to Taipei when I bumped into her.

I left her a friendly message of encouragement in my friend request just so she would know I ain't some stalker creep and she replied to that message:

A simple 'Thank You' and a cute ^^ emoticon which brightened up my day with the knowledge that I now have the connection to one of the few people in life who inspire me.

I'm feeling quite surreal about this and it took a moment to sink into my mind that somebody who is so musically-talented at such a young age whom I admire half the world away now has a connection with me and we can now communicate with each other, rendering the vast distance between us across the oceans to be nothing but just a mouse-click away.

And speaking of communication, the pic on the left shows the very first post I wrote on her wall and her kind reply. I'm still feeling surreal about the entire situation as I read her reply. I think I should ask her about her practice regimes and gain some pointers about how one masters one's musical instrument while having to earn one's keep and struggle with the mundane demands of life.

I am grateful for the Internet in this case despite the fact that it's supposed to piss me off most times. Without it, I can never establish the connection and learn from people who inspire me and be doomed to wonder in my little well how the rest of the world and the people I care about out there are doing.

And a couple days later, we became friends on YouTube.

曼青, 谢谢妳。我会加油的 ^^

- De Lion Speaks

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