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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wisdom From My Guitar Hero

Gee, and here I was thinking I've seen every single one of Nuno Bettencourt's videos on YouTube when I bumped into this 5 video-parts guitar clinic held by him in Texas way back in 1991. In these videos, not only does he play, he also imparts wisdom & pointers to fingers-busters (also known as guitar players).

Nuno's my guitar hero. Not only do I love his playing because he is one of the best & funkiest guitar players this side of the universe, I also enjoy hearing him talk since he can be so awesomely funny. He is cynical too. If you listen attentively and read between his cynicism and humour, you will realize that the gist of the things he talks about make a heck lot of sense. And factual too.

He doesn't always answer straight to the sharp point, he makes you think and ponder.

And the roars & whines & screaming pinch harmonics as well as the palm-muted growls of the N4 never fail to give my ears an eargasm.

So here are the 5 parts in sequential order:

- De Lion Speaks

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